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Betting has changed a lot in the years since it became possible to place bets online. The days of standing in a queue to get your punt on an event such as The Grand National, the Ryder Cup or a tennis grand slam such as the French Open are long gone, unless of course you choose to go that way.

People are free to make bets when they want, wherever they are, thanks to the fact that you can now also download betting apps to your phone.

For anyone who takes their betting really seriously, though, they’ll know that it can be time-consuming keeping track of different markets and different selections, so the bet trading apps that are now available come in really handy.

Many of the betting apps available work in conjunction with live data from betfair, the world’s biggest betting exchange. Most people who focus on bet trading will download these apps to their computers. One such example is Betbotpro, which is ideal for people who don’t have time to concentrate on their betting throughout the day. Using a betting app like BetBotPro means stress-free betting as the bot will place bets according to the selections and criteria that you set. The bot works its way through the events of the day, according to the criteria you choose, covering as many sports from racing, football and rugby to more obscure sports such as MMA – as per your instructions.

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Whatever you’re sport into, you can use a betting app to place bets quickly and easily.

With BetBotPro, bets are placed at a given time before the start and only when the odds, number of runners, etc meet your set criteria. Otherwise a bet will not be placed and the bot will move forward to the next race or fixture. It’s a great way to test out a system for betting or follow a tipster, as it moves between different markets more quickly than you could do yourself. Also, there’s no room for you to be tempted to stray from your strategy, as you might do when inputting the bets manually.

Some people prefer to take their bet trading apps with them and there are a number of different apps that are suitable for use on android. One example is Bet-droid – which can be used to access different markets and place bets wherever you are, at home, at the races or in the pub. With this app, you can ‘favourite’ markets or events and choose pre-defined stakes. If you want to see full market depth, switch to ladder views where you can see the profit/loss values for every odds outcome.

Traderline for Android is another alternative, and gives users the choice between a basic grid interface or a ladder interface, depending on how much detail they want on their screen. As with all bet trading apps, there’s one-click betting as well as Hedge and Level features for all markets.

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With betting apps, betting’s as easy as 1-2-3

Most of the Betfair apps are available as free trials, which provide the perfect opportunity of road testing a few different ones before committing to a subscription.

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