Android: the best applications to install on your new tablet

This is our selection of games and applications of the best software to install on your Android tablet.

Navigating through the Google Play Store jungle sometimes can be difficult. This is especially true when your device is new and that it is not yet filled with apps. So for your brand new best android apps

Note that this is an absolutely non-exhaustive list, as alternatives to the products mentioned often exist and finally advised that some of our other apps for iOS and smartphones guides can also be installed on your Android tablet.

So below are our recommendations for some of your new tablet apps:

Finally, note that we have deliberately avoided the obvious application is to be dependent on your spending habits. Exit therefore Spotify, Skype and other obvious apps since if you use such sites or services, installing their applications will normally be a reflex.

The most complete video player on desktop is finally available on Android after months and months of beta. A classic among classics.

For the office, we have chosen before Google Docs. No jealousy on Android we recommend Microsoft Office suite. The choice, of course, will depend on your habits.

Probably the most famous note-taking software, Evernote is a must. With the ability to synchronize data across multiple devices, your notes are accessible everywhere.

Apps to monitor and manage the use of your tablet are a lot, but our choice is Battery Doctor. With its many features, this software is one of the most comprehensive on the market.

With its great success on independent PC scene , VVVVVV is proposed this year on Android. This hardcore platformer enjoys extremely clean version that allows it to be as good as the original.

Probably the best mobile game of the year, Out there is a survival game in space with stunning graphics. Soon enriched via a free update (and ported to PC), the title of a half-closed studio is a must-have for tablet.

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