Top 10 Android Apps for Bloggers & Publishers

Before I start listing out the top Android applications that will be useful for bloggers and publishers, let us first establish the fact that blogging is a tedious process. To become successful both experts and amateurs need to invest time, energy and a lot of patience. Thankfully, the blogging process has eased a little and there are new Android applications available for bloggers and publishers.Android blogger and publisher apps for mobile authors

Being one of the most popular mobile operating system, Android has brought a number of applications to aid bloggers and publishers. Here is a list of top 10 Android apps for bloggers and publishers:


WordPress, one of the most popular blogging platforms, is available on the Google Play Store. WordPress makes it easy to write, edit, add or delete and publish blogs. One of the main advantages of using WordPress is that it doesn’t require coding knowledge. Besides this, even inexperienced bloggers can use WordPress comfortably.

Using the WordPress Android app, you can directly access WordPress admin panel and post blogs from your smartphone. In addition to commenting and posting, WordPress app makes it easier to edit images, post images and videos directly from smartphone or tablet. WordPress is the right app to make blogging easier.


Tumblr for Android app is becoming a very popular app because these days most bloggers prefer maintaining a microblog. That’s because posting small quotes or images are more interesting and less tiresome. Tumblr Android app makes it easy to share posts, images, links, and save drafts. It is possible to view and reply to comments apart from managing the content of multiple blogs.


HootSuite makes it easier to manage multiple social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. HootSuite allows you to update, view, and comment on posts. It also lets you schedule posts apart from giving you the ability to update photos, videos, receive notifications and look at click-through stats. HootSuite lets you keep in touch with your social networks.

Dictionary – Merriam – Webster

Dictionary is something a blogger or anyone in the writing profession needs handy. The free Dictionary for Android app offers synonyms and antonyms apart from example sentence structures. Bloggers would certainly find the voice search feature of this app very useful. This app lets you keep a list of favorite words besides tracking the words you’ve recently looked up. Dictionary app makes sure you never go wrong in English again.

Catch Notes

Most bloggers find it difficult to keep track of all the wonderful ideas they manage to get. Now with the Catch Notes Android app, bloggers can simply heave a sigh of relief. This free note taking app makes sure that you don’t miss even a single idea, by letting you capture ideas with voice, text or images. Track and share checklists and set remainders easily. Catch Notes app is the perfect assistant to take notes.


The gAnalytics Android app helps keep track of the traffic to your site, gives easy-to-understand stats and site metrics. This app has both free and paid version. It lets you find out the total number of visitors to your site, bounce rates, page views besides letting you set time period for analysis. This app keeps track of the performance of your blog.


Flipboard app is the best place to go to in search of inspiration. This free application available on the Google Play Store lets you pick your favorite topics and views pages of news, stories and latest updates based on your choice. It lets you find your inspiration by bringing everything from travel to cooking from around the world in a beautiful magazine format. Flipboard is the place to be to get inspired.


Evernote makes it easier for bloggers and publishers to capture images, voice notes and content from the Web. It lets you save all these notes in your personal account so that you can access these notes at your leisure. It is possible to access these notes from a computer or any mobile device. Evernote makes it easier for you to search through the notes very quickly. Evernote lets you access all your favorite notes at your convenience.

Google Calendar

Bloggers and publishers need to prioritize their work constantly. Google Calendar app makes it easier for busy bloggers to synchronize events from all Google accounts with Android phone. It makes it easy to view, edit and delete events. Google Calendar is a must-have app for all bloggers.


Blogging and publishing are tiresome jobs more so when you are using your smartphone to write your blogs. There are just too many distractions on your smartphone that writing even a simple blog becomes difficult. The Writer app for Android is a clean word processor which provides a distraction free place for you to write, view and sort content. This is the perfect app to transform all your random thoughts in to text.

With the vast number of Android apps available, bloggers can successfully and easily undertake blogging-related tasks on their tablets and smartphones. That is one of the reasons why most bloggers (including me) have been regularly using these Android apps successfully.

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    i am an android blogger and love your new blog here, great articles

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    Thanks for these blogger apps.

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    I am an android blogger and love your new blog here, great articles

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    Amazing list thanks sharon thomas. God bless you.

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    I think you miss about Blogger by Google Inc. It’s must have app for bloggers use free blogspot platform.


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