Top10 Android Apps for Employee Monitoring

Whether big or small, employee monitoring is quite in vogue these days throughout different businesses around the world. Besides invigilating your staff members over the shoulder, this task requires use of different employee monitoring apps that are plentiful and easily available online. When it comes to buying any employee tracking software, there are certain features that you should be on the lookout for, including GPS tracker, access to the phone’s gallery and instant messaging platforms such as Skype, Facebook, Viber and WhatsApp. This will give you an overview of how each employee makes use of his working hours and whether or not he is any threat to the security and name of the company.

After thorough research into the features of each application and keeping the customer reviews in mind, we have compiled a list of the 10 best employee monitoring apps for Android users.


  1. TheOneSpy from $18-$140:

When it comes to price economy, TheOneSpy beats them all. Starting from as low as $18, it offers customized packages for its Android users at the most competitive rates. It is packed with state-of-the-art features, all under a single brand name. The app is easy to install and user friendly. Once installed, the application works in complete stealth mode and is undetectable. You can actually dig up all that there is on the target device including contacts, message and call logs, appointments and reminders, browsing history and more. What it offers in addition is the ability to remotely monitor the subject’s surroundings by activating the camera and microphone on the target cellphone and extracting passwords by using the advanced key logger feature. The services are backed up by online chat support that works 24/7 as well as contact through email and toll free number.

  1. mSpy from $39-$499

It is easy to use and is a very reliable app for Android-based tracking. It is used by millions of users worldwide and comes in different packages that differ in price and function without letting the quality and consistency of service being affected. It works for all Android smartphones and tablets running on Android version 4.0 and higher and has the ability to track all the data stored on the phone including call logs, text, browsing history and locations. To add to your monitoring experience, it even lets you record your calls remotely. Another prominent feature of this app is an advanced key logger that can potentially reveal passwords by saving any key that is typed on the target phone or tablet. Most features do not require the device to be rooted except for a few such as monitoring of instant messengers.

  1. FlexiSpy From $68-$349

FlexiSpy is a multi-purpose monitoring app that is highly reputed and popular. When it comes to tracking Android devices, it supports all firmware versions up to Android version 5.0.It can run on both rooted as well as un-rooted devices, only that the list of workable features would be a little shorter for the latter. It is packed with some awesome tracking features. You can not only listen to entire set of calls and record them but also turn on the microphone to listen to background sounds. So you can be sure of who your employee is really with, without him knowing that. You can track the entire chains of SMS and MMS sent to and fro from the target phone. There’s also a Spoof SMS feature available that lets you send a message to any contact number on the phone as well as a targeted message deletion feature that allows you to delete messages containing certain keywords before they reach the recipient. Like other apps of its kind, you can track emails, locations, browser history, IMs, multimedia files, applications and appointments. It also gives you fluid remote monitoring and control of the target device. You can also crack passwords by using key loggers. So, this is a pretty useful list to spy on your employees. Hmm!

  1. Spyera from $189-$389:

From the look of it, it may seem quite expensive as compared to its competitors but other than that it has some impressive and advanced features that will give you a wonderful user experience. It supports all tablets and smartphones running on Android version up to 5.0 giving you the flexibility to switch from one device to the other without worrying about its firmware. For Android, the app allows call recording as well as live call interception as long as the device is rooted. You can track the activity on instant messengers, retrieve message and call history, find out locations and route maps, access email history and multimedia files, view calendar entries, contacts and appointments. You are also entitled to use the mic and camera bug to secretly record ambient sounds and pictures. A key logger can grab passwords for you, may they be used for unlocking the phone or accessing different online accounts. You can check up on battery and app status and receive notifications for check marked options. When it comes to handling customer queries, Spyera lacks the online chat support that works round the clock. However, feedback through calls and emails is available.

  1. MobiStealth From $19.99 to $ 139.99:

MobiStealth is a very affordable and famous app generally but when it comes to Android, certain features simply won’t work such as monitoring emails and instant messengers. However, this drawback should not discourage you as there are still many excellent features that you can still enjoy. You can track calls with complete details of time, date and duration. Talk about monitoring messages, multimedia files, contact list, app details, calendar entries and appointments, locations, browsing history, SIM change notifications and remote wiping of the phone’s data and MobiStealth features them all. You can contact the customer support team via e-mail, call or an online ticket.

  1. Highster Mobile ( $69.99):

Highster Mobile has excellent ratings when it comes to working of the application. Initially it only provided SMS logs when it came to message tracking but has been now upgraded to potentially reveal information on up to 8 instant messengers at one time. Like its sister apps, it can reveal call logs, real-time locations, internet usage history, access to contacts, multimedia files and other data stored on the phone. What’s more? It empowers you to control the device remotely by locking it and uninstalling the application itself and activating the microphone to listen to back ground sounds. So, if you are looking for a sophisticated app with all the basic features, Highster Mobile would be a good choice. It can be purchased for a one-time payment with all subsequent upgrades for free. It, however, lacks the 24/7 online chat support and more advanced features like remotely blocking calls and applications.

  1. Easy Spy ( $69.99)

Are you interested in finding the web activity of your employees remotely or to verify their locations? EasySpy has monitoring capabilities that will let you do these and more. It can not only disclose locations with an accuracy factor of 50 feet radius from the actual location but also let you discover the entire browsing history including the communications over social media forums such as Facebook and Twitter, check marked bookmarks and other visited sites. Excavate call and messaging records from the target phone, even the deleted ones. It comes with a one-time- payment with all future upgrades and support for free.

  1. TheTruthSpy From $16.99-$149.99:

Want to find out how honest and loyal your employees are to your company? TheTruthSpy has the ability to reveal the truth about how your workers use the company phones and other resources. With everything from call and message history to browsing ventures, real time locations, app usage, multimedia files and notes under your nose, you would be in a better position to decide which employee deserves a promotion and which one can be fired for good. With call recording, key loggers and ambient listening feature additionally enabled, you can be sure that your company secrets are not being leaked out over telephonic conversations, messaging and meetings outside the office.

  1. MobileSpy From $49.97-$139.97:

Being one of the oldest and most reliable applications, it has earned its reputation over the years. It is well designed and offers an easy to use customer interface. It supports Android phones and tablets – up to OS version 4.4.3. It enables GPS location tracking, messenger and social monitoring, recording of call details and visited websites, viewing contacts, emails, reminders, appointments, multimedia files, online transactions and full length SMS messages. You can also set alerts for certain phone numbers or words so whenever the number is dialed or the key word is typed, you automatically receive a notification. Another ‘wow’ feature for this app is that you can monitor multiple devices from a single user control panel. That obviously makes data easy to monitor and manage. You can avail discounts for multiple licenses which is a great attraction for business users.

  1. iSpyoo From $17 onwards:

iSpyoo is a professionally designed mobile spy app with some really good features. Like its competitors, it can give real-time feedback on the device under surveillance. It is well compatible with Android devices including cell phones and tablets. You just need to install the software on the device before handing it over to your employee. Once done, you can just sit back and enjoy the magic show. Receive updates on the target’s current location as well as view location history made possible by frequent capture of visited places, without depending on GPS. Ask about multimedia data, browsing patterns, SMS and instant messaging records, call logs, call recording and ambient listening, and iSpyoo has all these covered. The only thing that pulls it down in the ranking chart, however, is the customer dissatisfaction regarding the working of the device and the provision of after sale services.

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