5 Android Apps for your Summer Vacation

The logistics of pulling off a smooth vacation can be daunting, but technology is here to help. Expand beyond using your smartphone to check your email, update the social networks and find directions while you’re out of town. Your phone can tell you how to save on your trip costs, what to do when you’re stuck in a long layover, and even when to put on sunscreen.

Vacation Android Apps for your holiday and travel

Many of the phones at T-mobile have 4G capabilities and up to 32GB of storage. The Android 2.2 or higher is best for compatibility. Put your smartphone to work with these five Android apps that take the pain out of your plans.

1. Gas Buddy

If you’re planning a road trip, knowing exactly where to get the cheapest gas is essential. Gas Buddy’s data comes from users who report the gas prices at their local gas stations. Put in a location or zip code to find out where you can get the cheapest gas. The app offers incentives for reporting on gas prices, and it’s also an easy way to find the closest gas station, regardless of price.

2. Weather Bug

While most smartphones come with a weather app or widget pre-installed, look for a feature-rich option to cover your vacation, since the last thing you want is to get caught on the beach during a massive storm that suddenly rolls in. Not only does Weather Bug give you the latest forecast information, it also gives you radar so you can see how serious the storms around you are.

3. Coppertone MyUV Alert

Coppertone has one of the most useful product tie-in apps that you could find for a summer vacation. It tells users exactly how strong the sun is going to be in current or future locations. It tracks whether or not you should reapply sunscreen based on how long you’ve been out in the sun. There are sunscreen product profiles and coupons. It gives recommendations for each member of the family.

4. EveryTrail

Love the outdoors and want to find the best trails around? EveryTrail is a great companion for hikers; you can use GPS-enabled live tracking with social network updating, use topography maps to figure out how hard the hike is and plot pictures to the app’s map so you can show exactly where you’ve been.

5. Smart Layover

When you get the best price on flights, sometimes you run into long layovers. Instead of bemoaning the layover and sulking around the airport, the Smart Layover app gets you information on short-term adventures in the surrounding area. The cheapest by-the-day hotel costs, local entertainment and recreation options and other points of interest are delivered. It also comes with terminal maps for the airports.

What is your favorite travel app? Tell us in the comments.

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