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Sometimes blogging with your android mobile phone can be a tedious work because most of the browsers don’t support blogging platforms especially when you are using blogging platform like blogger or wordpress. This android browser for bloggers we are about to look at also has the capability to display a web page in classic format rather than in mobile format.

This best android browser for bloggers we are looking at is the dolphin browser.

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Here we are going to look a some functions which dolphin browser  possesses that makes it the best android browser for bloggers

Creating and Editing a Post

The basic basic responsibility of a blogger is creating posts. You can agree with me that since the upgrade of blogger, it’s almost impossible to create a post with popular browser apps like opera mini and ucweb. But with dolphin browser, you can create as many posts on the go. You can also edit your posts with dolphin browser without a glitch, post a link when typing, and insert images.

Accessing Google Webmaster Tools

When google upgraded blogger interface, they also upgraded the webmaster tools homepage making it impossible to access and work on it by any mobile platform until the emergence of dolphin browser. In fact, dolphin browser is so advanced when it comes to webmaster tools that you can add site map, check your index statues, submit pages for index, view site massages, buy levitra online us view blog indexed keywords,  view search keyword, check site health and general stats.

Editing Blog Layout

This feature was not even available on mobile view when blogger have not upgraded not to talk of now.  With dolphin browser, you can edit your blog layout and add, arrange or remove gadgets. When you try to edit a particular gadget, it will open in the background while you are till on the same layout page just like the classic view.

Adsense and Adwords

You can actually open and view your adsense earning with any mobile browsing platform but I bet you can’t do more than that. With dolphin browser, you can view adsense in classic view where you see your earnings, earning stats and channels rather than mobile view where you only see the day’s earning and finalized earnings. N.B dolphin browser is the only mobile/ android browser that shows google adsense ads on a blog.

Also you can use dolphin browser to navigate through google adwords and create an advertising campaign with ease.

Believing that I have highlighted most of the things you could do with dolphin browser which is relatively the best android browser for bloggers, it is now you to download dolphin browser and blog on the go.

To download dolphin browser click here.

Eze Nnaemeka is a talented tech blogger who has a flair for writing tech articles. He is the owner of  Technology world.

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Eze Nnaemeka is a talented tech blogger who has a flair for writing tech articles. He is the owner of Technology World

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