Top 8 Communication Apps of 2014 for Android devices

Communication apps are all the rage because it used to be that people had to pay for sms messages when they wanted to communicate with others, but now there are apps for communicating in various ways without having to pay extra. Here are eight of them that are very good for use “in” the year 2014, not particularly designed in the year 2014. The list is in no discernible applications to communicate with people

1 – Cloud SMS

This app works on Smartphones, but was more designed for tablet users. It runs sms messages to your tablet via the cloud. You can even have the program running on both your phone and tablet at the same time. It has security options that you can use too to help people have trouble finding your number, account number or email address.


2 – Find My Friends

This is an app that allows you to locate your friends. If they have this app and it is running then you can use their own GPS signal or see where they have been tagged most recently. It is handy for communicating with friends, and also handy for trying to find people in crowded areas or even on a campus or busy workplace.

3 – Bump

This is a communication program that is handy for meeting new people. You can send out your personal online card with your details on it and make new friends. There is also a weird bit of magic going on where you can open up Bump in both phones and then bump your phones together and your information is shared between both phones. It allows you to communicate, share photos and find mutual friends in the same way you may do with Facebook.

4 – Google+

The Google+ social media network is better known on desktop computer, but there is an app for Google+ that allows you to communicate with people online in the same way you may with people on desktop computers. You do not have to be running an Android device to use it either, though things such as “Auto Awesome movie” is only available for people with a certain version of the Android.

5 – Ninja SMS

This is a little cool in that it allows you to keep what you have on the screen and answer messages at the same time. If you are watching a movie, doing something that requires attention or are watching a YouTube video, then you need not be disturbed by sms messages. This app allows you to read and answer sms messages without having to change screens, so that the user may still see what is going on.

6 – Pair

This is an app that allows two-way communication with two people. It is better focused for lovers who want a timeline of the communication between the pair of them only without other messages being in the way such as with Facebook timelines or even mobile phone sms messages. You can post messages, send videos and images and find the location of the other person when the app is running. You can also add in to-do lists and events so that you do not forget them.

7 – Chomp SMS

This is a messaging app for people who want to add a little more to their messaging experience. It has over 800 emojis and various features including message locks and privacy options. It also has SMS text blockers. The only problem is that some people’s phones will not interpret certain graphics sent from the phone of the Chomp SMS user. You can play with your sms sending functions and such so that you have different backgrounds or different ringtones for certain people.

8 – Skype

Possibly the best known of all on the list, and the thing that replaced MSN messenger. It allows have IM chat conversations and allows you to video chat. Video chatting and IM messaging is free and you can have conference calls with the app too. It cannot be described as easy to use, but it not overly complex and you can get the hang of it after a while. It is well known too, so there is a high chance that many of your friends will have it too. Plus, there is the fact that a lot of people trust the name and so may be more willing to download it at your request than if you present them with one called something such as “MegaTexterSexyMessenger”.

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V.M. provides this article. She's also in a team of The site helps students to find the best custom writing service.

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