Top Android Email Apps with Excellent Features

Of late, usages of Smartphone have increased manifold. People from all walks of life can be seen operating latest Smartphone devices, powered by Android, Windows, or any other operating system. Android phones these days are grabbing maximum eyeballs from the users around the world.

Best Email Apps for Android

The ability to relay emails smoothly is considered as one of the key features behind the rising popularity of Android phone. Some of the big mobile manufacturers have installed latest versions of Android OS in their Smartphone to offer one of its kinds of experience to mobile users.reviewing and showing you the best apps for email management for your Android smartphone and Android tablet

Smooth and hassle free emailing is undoubtedly the most sought after feature on an Android Smartphone. Here are a few Android email apps offering excellent features and performances to help users send and receive emails without any sort of worries.


Developed by Google, Gmail is the official Android email app. The design philosophy of Google heeds to the idea of simplicity and whitespace, and Gmail app is designed to offer very clean and easy navigation experiences to the users. However, if you are looking for flashy features, Gmail may disappoint you, as Google has stuck to its traditional approach of keeping everything minimalistic. But, the app does have almost all the useful features, such as push notifications, searching through emails, labels, composition, attachments, and multiple account management. You will love to use Gmail on a daily basis.

Aqua Mail

This is the first app supporting multiple email services, which include Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo. Aqua Mail also offers you to use your own email server since it support any bulk email service using IMAP, POP3, and SMTP. It is the best email app if you want to use different accounts and sync them under one app. Moreover, creating an account on this app is so easy and the Smart Inbox feature is simply outstanding. Widgets and several settings customisations are the other great features on this app.


One of the leading free email services, Yahoo mail keeps their Android app updated and strives hard to offer smooth user experience. The gray and purple scheme of the app is quite modern and very calming and nice; however, poorly designed layout takes the sheen away. As it does not have high learning curves, it is very much easy to use.

K-9 Mail

Similar to Aqua Mail, K-9 mail also supports multiple services and tracks multiple accounts. Though you may not like its layout design in very first glance but will have a completely changed mindset after using this email app. You will appreciate the way it approaches emails. It is very easy to setup account on this mail app, which automatically detects your Gmail settings. K-9 mail is a community-developed project and a group of people is there to improve the app. You can send bug reports and feature suggestions and they will try to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Each of these Android email apps is available on Google Play for free. Whether you are looking for reliability, aesthetics, features, or speed, Android email apps are dedicated to provide you a smooth and glitch free email services.

Roger Grant (24) keeps a keen eye on the occurring developments in the tech world. He writes tech-related blogs and columns on online tech magazines. In a recent blog, he talked about different Android email apps, including those supporting bulk email service. He also advises Android Smartphone users to get email apps from Google Play store. For more advice keep in touch with him through G+, Twitter & Facebook.

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    Feb 17. 2014

    Sharing a top list of email apps, in the present time may smartphone users want to share a bulk messages to the clients. These all the apps give a awesome user experience.

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    Great android post for emailing… Many thanks guys!

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