Top 5 Awesome Reader Apps for Your Android Device

If you have an Android device then it has its own reader, so why would you want another. It is mostly down to taste, as even though reading on your Android is pretty simple it is still something that may alter its user experience. For example, there are readers that make your pages look as if they are from a magazine where they flip as oppose to just change.

Android Reader Apps

There are other apps that allow you pages to scroll infinitely which is something that other people prefer. Here are five of the best reading apps for your Android.

reader apps for ebooks and mobile android devices

1. FB Reader

This is called the FB reader because if the XML-format FB2 that is now what most e-books are formatted in. It can support other types of books too if you need it too. You can set modules over the application and set up the application as you see fit.

This app allows you to set things up against authors and book genres so that finding your books and such is easier. It allows you to work with different types of backgrounds that suit you best. Many people like this app for the fact it allows you to customize the way it works more than most allow.

2. Cool Reader

This app covers a nice range of book types that it allows you to read on your Android. You can transfer the book you want right from your computer, which is handy because you will not have to convert it into another file type. The interface is simple but usable and it is bright and clear so that it does not become a hassle having to read from it.

You can personalize your library to make it easier to look through and allows you to look through your books via the author, title and any bookmarks you have left. This is a popular reader because it has an easy-to-market name and because it does its job quite well. It is hard to give it a bad review, which has probably helped the developers to push its marketing past the standard/average app.

3. Sony Reader

You gain direct access to the Reader™ app library where you may download a number of different books at your leisure. There are a lot of free books you can try too. The reader has a very nice feel to it and it has an intuitive design that makes it feel more comfortable when you are reading.

The app is customizable so that you can change modes for reading during the day and during the night, and it is highly customizable in the way the app appears to others. It is intuitive in the way it allows you to download apps very easily, and you can import books into your library with equal ease.

4. Aldiko Book Reader

This is a visually pleasing app that is also quite functional. It has not made a sway too far past either side of the fence, which makes this a popular reader app for people who simply want a reader that looks okay and does its job well.

This app does both with ease and makes using it very simple and pleasing to the eye. You can also try one-click downloading of books, and you can control the brightness you see when reading. It is a nice blend of good looking whilst being functional and it even has a nice looking bookshelf.

5. Moon + Reader

Some people are saying that this is the most advanced reader that the Android has at the moment. This is both because it can handle a few e-book types and because it has a number of useful functions that you can use. You may customize the app quite a bit so that the reading environment feels a little more like your own space. It had cloud service integration and it allows you to search through your books via a word searching function as oppose to just by authors and tags and such.

Android apps for reading: Conclusion

There are some people who like this app because it offers more features than the other apps do. It does make sense that if you are going to use an app that is other than the one already installed then you may as well use one that does a little more than one may expect. It would be pointless to download and use an Android app that is similar in form and function to your current pre-installed software.

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