Bacon Reader: A Reddit reader for your Android

If you often use Reddit reader with your Android based tablet or phone then installing Bacon Reader is a smart option. It is a Reddit client, which makes things like comments, web browsing, creating new topics and uploading photos simple at different places. This client is best reader for all the Android users, which make different operations on web easy for you. Let’s explore Bacon Reader further and see how it makes difference in the lives of Android based app for easy reading

What is BaconReader?

Before you dig any further about this Reddit client, let’s check what BaconReader is all about. BaconReader is basically a gorgeous, intuitive feature packed client for the Reddit reader specially optimized for the Android based users of 1.6 and above versions. This nifty application is well designed and is available for free provided you are keen to put a banner ad or in case if you do not want this ad, you can get rid of it by getting its premium version for around two dollars. All in all, it’s gives you a better way to use Reddit via your mobile devices navigating different websites over your mobile browser.

The features

You can enjoy a number of features while using BaconReader over your Android based devices. These include things like subreddit grouping, domain and keyword filtering, direct photo uploading option, which actually compliment its brilliant interface. People call BaconReader as one of the best Reddit client for the Android users. You can check different users’ profile, open several linked items found over any post. Over its top side, you could find two pull down menus, one is to filter by different ratings, updates, what new etc. and the other one is chosen for the Subreddit. The different comments over this application are seen with color codes, which help you in figuring out the comments over the reply hierarchy.

Unique user experience

Reading via the BaconReader simply happens to be a very incredible experience for the Android users. The users can get a well organized presentation of each and every thread, also you will find a control bar, which can save, hide, share or even vote them up and down. The users are also seen turning off the thumbnails, keywords or blacklist domains simply to prevent them to appear and get along the notifications for replies or comments. The various links, discussions and trolling simply enhances Reddit as an incredible application all present over the BaconReader. Posting and web browsing through this application is very simple and the performance of this application is simply stellar. However, the only issue is the ad banner and the Preview button meant for loading different link content, which actually hampers its performance to some extent. Though BaconReader loads different posts at acceptable amount of time, but when it comes of getting away of the thumbnails, it will simply increase the loading time.

Final word

Though the application BaconReader is still new for the Android users, yet it is arguably one of the best Reddit Andorid apps apart from being the most beautiful appearing Reddit client. With this application, organizing you content becomes very easy and effective. There are hardly anything bugging in BaconReader except the ad bar, which could be removed by getting a premium version of around 1.99 dollars.

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Bacon Reader: A Reddit reader for your Android, 9.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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  1. James

    Aug 15. 2014

    i personally prefer access it from the browser to the app

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