Chrome 25 for Android Comes with Major Performance Tweaks

One of the most popular web browsers today is Google Chrome. This beta version that was released for MS Windows in 2008 is one of the most used browsers today because of its user-friendly features making it so popular that it commands over 35% share of users worldwide. It is probably the most frequently used web browser, close behind Firefox and Internet Explorer. Though Eric Schmidt of Google was never for creating a web browser and get into any sort of tiff with the existing browsers like Firefox and Internet Explorer, he ultimately changed his mind and allowed the creation of Chrome which became an instant success.Chrome Browser for Android Review of new major performance improvements

Today Chrome is probably the only browser of its kind that comes by default with Adobe Flash as a built-in feature. This has done away with the painful need of installing it separately, which a layman usually finds very challenging. Nor is there any need to update Flash plugins as it is done automatically, sparing you the additional task. You will also notice Chrome Instant a welcome addition to Chrome. All you need to do is to begin typing any web address in the box and what you are looking for pops up from the previous history and opens the particular page for you. This is seen as an important time saver and helps prevent any mistakes you may commit when typing in the entire address manually.

Chrome also has a unique feature of speeding up the browser as it supports ‘speedy’ or SPDY the protocol used for transferring web content. SPDY is a replacement for HTTP and helps compress data and helps speed up connections between the server and the browsers. However, though Chrome pioneered this, it is now available with Firefox as well.  Another great advancement with Chrome is the tab implementation. The tabs that are prominently displayed at the top of the browser windows can be easily dragged to your PC’s desktop where independent windows can be created immediately. The tabs reveal links to the pages that you have been visiting of late and other Web apps that you used and tabs that you just closed.

Switching between Web Apps and frequently visited pages is easy and can be accomplished by clicking on the arrows that are found on either side of the page. You need not be baffled by this start-up appearance which will make you wonder why the favorite sites have suddenly vanished. Unlike with Internet Explorer, you will not be able to manipulate site thumbnails, however what you can do is pin the site in the tab and the X allows you to delete the thumbnail from the list of most visited pages.

Chrome also allows you to access extensions from the sub-menu Tools that is found on the customization menu. Unlike in Firefox where you will have to open a separate window, Chrome allows you to view the web page listings that let you view the installed extensions. The Extensions Gallery page of Chrome lets you view the most recent, top rated, and most popular as highlighted extensions. You also get alerts of any mail that is still unread (Gmail). Overall, Chrome 25 comes with several improvements that make it more preferable when compared to either Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.

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