Creating An Android App With Minimal Technical Skill

If you have an Android smart phone, you’ve no doubt heard (perhaps to the point of unbearable saturation) the phrase “they got an app for that.” Well, have you ever wanted to create your own Android apps, but don’t know the first thing about programming? Despair not, for your big chance is here.

Here are four ways to create an app without knowing a single thing about coding or programming. Check them out and get to work on that world-beating app! After all, don’t you want your chance to create your very own app with the word “bacon” in it?

how to create an android app without programming
Which is the button for the bacon app?


When many people talk about apps, they are usually referring to games, and why not? Games are fun, and having a cool gaming app on your phone could mean the difference between being pleasantly distracted and going ballistic, while waiting in a long line.

GameSalad is a drag and drop app builder that enables you to create that one game you’ve always wanted to have seen the light of day. Just download the creator, and once you get comfortable with the interface, go to town! The Creator is free, but there’s a Pro version (which costs, of course) that offers features such as app publishing, app monetization, and tech support.


Maybe you don’t want to touch an app maker, instead hoping that someone else savvier could do the heavy lifting. That’s fine; that’s why Zapporoo is there for you! When you work with Zapporoo, you the client communicate with their design team and tell them what you want from your app. It’s a collaborative effort, and you are given levitra online medicine access anytime of the day or night in order to review the progress of your app’s development. Naturally, this app design option is not a free download, but with a team developing your app, you’re getting your money’s worth.


This app builder has three different plans: Premium, Pro, and Starter, each with its own monthly fee. However, you can try out AppsBuilder for free for 14 days. They won’t ask for credit card details or any subscription/sign-up information, you can test the app without giving up privacy details. Like GameSalad, this builder gives you a drag and drop interface to work with. And since AppsBuilder stores settings in the cloud, you can make changes even when the app is live. This is a good platform for those enterprising souls who want to make a few bucks with their apps, since they offer means of monetizing the apps, and using e-commerce to sell goods and services through your app.


Okay, so even though this article’s title implies Android apps only, it’s pretty apparent that many of these apps designing sites are multi-platform. Appsbar helps you create not only Android apps, but also HTML5 apps, which opens up the worlds of iOS, Windows Phones, and Blackberry (remember those?). The one thing they want to let you know is, the service is absolutely free. Just pick the app type (business, music, etc), design and preview it, then submit it for publishing. They have a team of developers who will help you get that dream app published. The catch is, you can’t sell the app. This site is for creating free apps only.

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