10 Most Demanded Mobile Apps For Entrepreneurs

Mobile apps are considered useful for everyone, whether you are using mobile app for business or day-to-day purpose. The prime motive behind using these applications is that people are able to stay connected even when they are on the go. In addition, they have succeeded to make their life quite simple by using these apps. Whether they need to stay in touch with their client overseas, team in the office or handle other tasks, an appropriate mobile app is enough to deal with all these things. Here are 10 most demanded apps that everyone must go for:cloud based storage service Google Drive

Google Drive

The Google’s new drive app allows the users port and edit their Google docs or files from personal computers to tablet to smartphone. It is an office suite, which is rich in features and the software also works as a full cloud drive. It lets the users store their file through a web interface or a virtual drive app. For small business web-mail, it is the primary choice and Google is going to repeat this success in the cloud storage area as well. It also comes with 5GB storage for free.

secure and easily payments with paypal online payment provider


This is a wonderful method to take care of your vendors, employees and contractors on-the-go as it enables the users to make payments and receive invoices directly to a PayPal account. But, this is not a free service as one has to pay merchant fees associated with certain transactions.

free Voip service and popular chat messaging app skype


Among business people, it is a famous platform to chat, make and receive calls anyone across the world. It is easy to set up and lets users make video calls and paid account is required to make phone calls directly on the telephone numbers.

smartphone interface dongle for credit cards to swipe


With the help of a tablet or a Smartphone, it allows people to accept credit card payments. Monthly fees or sign-up will not be required, but you need to pay 2.75 percent of each transaction.

social media app hootsuite


It allows to schedule tweets and social media status in advance. The user is able to streamline social networking process by selecting time and date on which, you want to send messages or abstain from going days without offering fresh social content while you are away for a business trip.

asana software to assist managers


Looking for an intuitive alternative work management software to handle your complicated task. This is a wonderful app to manage your personal, events as well as work projects having a single interface.

mobile organizer app


This is an application, which enables business travelers to keep track of their trip arrangements. It allows them to collect maps, weather updates and directions to make travelling easy and relaxed.

mobile app uber


It is an amazing mobile application, which connects passengers with drivers of their vehicles to hire in the recommended cities. For forward-thinking business owners, it fits the best with their elite lifestyle and limo experience.

popular evernote app


A perfect app for the people, who are flying to cross-countries. It is an app, which makes sure that the user remembers everything including sharing & organizing text, storing photos, voice notes and keeping track of all the relevant things.

great mobile app expensify


Users will be able to keep a track of all their expenditures in one place as this enables them to upload receipts, itemize costs and create reports for proper documentation.

Final Words

Hence, entrepreneurs and small business owners can rely on these useful mobile applications. These work as a perfect resource to simplify their business and even day-to-day lives.

Being a mobile app developer from AppsChopper, Andrew Clarke comes with the best ideas about mobile industry through his articles and blogs.

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