How to Manage your Money with Android Apps

Managing money in a systematic way and not an easy task. A proper monthly budget with expenses on one side and revenue on the other along with some saving can wash away your worries. Today, technology has become so advanced that a single app can easily manage all your finances.With the money management apps, you can easily get your income and expenses easily without any effort.

List of Money Managing Android Apps

Managing all financial cost will be quite easy and simple with the money management apps. Whether you wish to visualize your money every week or every month, money management apps are quite helpful in providing the right information.

manage your money and finances with these android apps


Personal finance software available in Android market with rich feature is none other than Financisto. Since, these money management apps can support multiple accounts; individuals can easily set different account for credit card, current account, PayPal account and savings account. This apps also supports multiple currencies. Thus, people staying at any country of the world can use this to manage their finances.

This is a free online money managing service available for people willing to make synchronization in various financial accounts. This app also downloads the transaction at the time of transacting. Here, the account holder does not have to enter his or her transaction manually. The apps also categorize the transactions in a personalized way. This app will send every detail about how much you spend to buy and pay bills from your credit card account.


Expensify is a money managing android apps basically introduced for the businessmen. Since they are the people who need to have a not on all the capital and revenue expenses each month from their business account, the date of paying the bills is also notified adequately. Here, an access of personal expenses along with corporate expenses is also possible. This app also helps in importing the credit card and the expenses which takes place throughout the day.


It is another important variation of android expenses management apps that comes absolutely free. You can easily get a record of expenses that you have incurred on a daily basis. Since the apps also have user friendly interface, it helps the user to see their spending daily, weekly or monthly basis. The apps also presents a graph that represents spending ratio on the basis of the income. A flow is created through a flow chart that easily creates a budget that will easily manage the income.


Another famous android app that manages your finances is known as Money Lover. It has colorful and easy interface. With the colorful representation of all your expenses, it will be quite easy to get a pictorial representation of your expense statement. You can easily add expenses in the editable format. It also contains a tool known as debt management. This is an exclusive option that allows you to keep a track record of the debtor and creditor. You can also get alert by using phone book data.

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