Best Free Android Navigation Apps

The great thing about the Android is that it allows more than three background processes. This is something that the iPhone will rarely let you do because Apple feels that more than three background processes is just another means of draining the battery. But, with the Android you can have your GPS running whilst you also have a few apps on the go, and your navigation software working along with a few other sensors such as your compass.

GPS Navigation with Android

That is probably one of the biggest reasons why using the Android for navigation is better than using the iPhone for navigation. Here are the names and descriptions of a few free navigation apps you can use for your Android (some have free parts or free versions such as lite versions).

mobile gps navigation to guide a car with android free navigation apps

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MapsWithMe Pro

As said in the introduction, this is one of the apps that has a paid and a free version. The free version is called MapsWithMe lite. Both of these apps offer maps that you can store on your Android so that you do not need any sort of Internet connection. It has maps for mall over the world and maps from hundreds of foreign and domestic cities. The paid version will even give you maps of the smallest islands too. You can set an auto-follow mode and your own map rotation too.

Navfree Free GPS Navigation

This is an app that currently has no paid features. It does not even charge you for connections and/or any other hidden charges. The only catch is that it is a USA only app, meaning that if you were planning a bit of travel in other countries then this is not the app for you. It comes with a lot of features that are normally paid for such as turn-by-turn instructions, on-screen instructions, offline maps, etc. It uses Google and Microsoft in order to compile its information and you can store the maps on your Android too so that you do not need an Internet connection if you are out and about.

Google Maps Navigation (GMN)

This is currently free, but that may change. However, there are lots of tools that Google gives for free, so they may keep it free. It is free at the moment because it is still being developed and/or updated. It allows you to get directions and use your GPS to get there. It uses its own Google Maps database and then uses your GPS to track your location. It has a lot of the features that Google maps has, except that it has an automatic recalculation if you go the wrong way, which is something you normally have to do manually. The beta version allowed you to see a street version of your destination (hopefully that function will remain). The app does need the Internet to work, but it caches a lot of the information so if you temporarily lose your Internet then you may not notice.

Maverick Pro GPS Navigation

This is one of the apps that has a popular and well advertised paid version (the pro version) and then in the wings it has the lite version which is free. If you are going hiking, biking or boating, then the paid version is what you need. If you are just going traveling around on roads or in cities, then the lite free version is all you need. The data that they use is actually pulled from online resources including the Bing index and street maps files (and many more). This means that it is easy to get maps from other countries too.

Sygic Aura Maps or Sygic GPS Navigation

Grab the free versions and you can gain access to the TomTom maps on your Android. One of the good things about this app is that it does not require the Internet. Sure, you need the Internet to download and update it, but on the whole it works without because it uses your GPS to navigate. It just lays your position over the map and helps you find your way. You can also turn on the voice guided navigation, and it can even pick out street names for you too. Some of the paid versions include dynamic lane guidance and things such as speed camera warnings.


Here you are given access to offline maps which means you can explore maps of different countries if you like. It allows you to track your current location on the map so that you can navigate using the app, and it is a scalable vector map too. You can use the tied map or you can put it into the 3D perspective mode. You can pick out and download various types of map for your use.

Kate Funk is a freelance writer at She is mainly focusing on technology, gadgets and all the latest trends which are interesting for networking enthusiasts.

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Kate Funk is a freelance writer at She is mainly focusing on technology, gadgets and all the latest trends which are interesting for networking enthusiasts.

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  1. Joanna

    Dec 20. 2013

    Hi, Cool navigation apps. Thank you :)

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  2. Stephen

    Jan 16. 2014

    Your information about Navfree is wrong where you say “The only catch is that it is a USA only app”. I live in Australia and have maps for Australia. I’ve also downloaded the UK and Irelands maps.

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  3. Droid

    Jan 19. 2014

    Thanks for info Stephen! Your comment is very appreciated :) Thank you
    The Droid Galaxy recently posted…The Genuine Article: How to Spot Fake Apps in the Google Play StoreMy Profile

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  4. L.

    Feb 06. 2014

    Sygic did not gave free version, it has only free trial for 7 days…

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  5. Tommy

    Mar 12. 2014

    How about a full review. It’s one thing to know about the features but at what cost? You didn’t mention any of the compulsory conditions attached when downloading these apps. Sygic, for example, controls your device camera, accesses your phone calls and monitors your contacts. Why? Give us info on apps that are REALLY free. No ties.

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  6. Paul

    Aug 14. 2014

    Is there anyone using sygic gps navigation app in USA? I´ve been using it in Europe, but I´m moving to USA and I´m thinkig if I should purchase new maps!

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