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Are you tired of the ever-increasing call rates, the exasperating roaming charges, or the ridiculously high prices for international calls? Then Hushed may just be the thing for you. Hushed, is the latest VoIP app in the market that’s designed for making anonymous calls, using either local or international numbers, via your Smartphone or tablet.Android App Hused review

How it works, is pretty simple. Through this app, one can purchase one/several local or international number(s), to make anonymous calls or send messages to any part of the world, and dispose off the number at any time. It also allows for incoming calls, and voicemails. This app is available in over 40 different countries.

How to use Hushed

  • First, download the app. Once you do so, you will be asked to register using your original phone number, so as to enable easier recognition by the app.

Downloading the app is free of charge, however, you will be charged for each phone number that you purchase.

  • Next, from their long list of available phone numbers, one can select a rate plan that suits their requirements. You can select on the basis of your preferred country, and choose a number in accordance.

Hushed offers you various call rates, varying in terms of their duration, and your chosen country.

Rates start from $0.99, and durations range from 7days, 30 days, or 90 days.

  • One can always extend the usage of a number, as this app operates as a prepaid service. This way, by depositing a certain amount at the very onset of the apps usage, each time you make a call or send a message, the amount will get deducted from it.
  • When you want to dispose off of a number, simply use the Delete option in the Settings menu.
  • This app is apt for those who wish to contact others, without having to reveal their personal number. You can use it for short-term assignments, job hunts, on dating sites, or on any social networking sites.

Bear in mind though, this app cannot be used to make emergency 911 calls.

  • One can also use this app when traveling to other countries, as you can purchase a local number of the city you’re headed to.

You can also use it to make international calls at local rates, by purchasing a regional number. So, say you live in Canada, but your family lives in Japan. By purchasing a Japanese phone number, you can make calls to them, at a cheaper rate.

Hushed was created by AffinityClickInc., in Ottawa to enable secure, private and safe calls. Its co-founder Justin Shimoon, stated that,

“It’s one of the best ways to put yourself out there without having to compromise your privacy and security. In a world of social networking sites and social apps, you’re in control of the people who get in touch with you on your mobile phone”.

Shimoon and Timo Mika Glasser have launched this app only for Android users at the moment, and yet have managed to create quite the stir with the audience. However, its iOS version is just a few months away from being released to gain an even higher rate of popularity.

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