MechTab an App Made for Engineers

Samuel Werder AG today announced the release of a new app for mechanics and professional engineers. Samuel Werder AG is a leading precision engineering company from Switzerland, and has decades of experience in working with the requirements of engineers worldwide.

Ultimate tool for mechanics. MechTab provides information about ISO-Tolerances, Threads, Cutting Data, Wrench Size and Roughness.  Tolerances: A - ZC, holes and shafts

It is a well-known fact that engineers regularly need to use precise instruments and tools. Moreover, precision instruments and tools require accurate calculations to be used correctly. The importance of accurate calculations in engineering projects can be seen from the fact that there have been documented cases in engineering where a single miscalculation or mistake has cost millions of dollars. In such a situation, no one can risk making mistakes when calculating about even the smallest detail of a project.

An engineer requires years of study and experience to master his or her craft, but he or she will always need to make accurate calculations to be a good engineer. It is also common for engineers to consult with their colleagues about their calculations, to confirm that they are accurate. However, it is not always possible to consult someone for a calculation. This is where an engineer can use the latest tools that are available on different computing platforms to make accurate calculations. One such computing platform is the mobile phone, or a smartphone. Today, almost every engineer has a smartphone, which they use as a personal phone. Recognizing the ubiquity of the smartphone, Samuel Werder AG has made an engineering app that can be installed in any smartphone, and used by every engineer while at work. This app, called MechTab, contains engineering charts, and allows one to make calculations when at work.

MechTab is available for download from online app stores, and can be installed on almost every type of smartphone. According to Claude Werder, Samuel Werder AG’s managing director, MechTab has been launched with one clear aim: to help engineers make better calculations.

MechTab is designed to help make quick calculations, especially when you want to calculate for different types of screw threads. It also contains a database that lists the ISO tolerances of different types of bores and shafts. Apart from that, MechTab can be used to do calculations regarding drilling, milling and turning of different types of materials.

According to Claude Werder, their company will continue to work on MechTab, and add more features that will make it even more useful for engineers and mechanics. The app is currently available for Android platform as well as for Apple iPhone.

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