Microsoft Office Goes Live On Android

Microsoft, the Redmond, Washington based technological hub has finally adopted the trick to grow fast and therefore it has started landing over cross-platforms and third party devices with its Office app.

Microsoft, which is popular for its professional application Microsoft Office, containing three different app under a single fold – Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint. These three apps were already available in desktop, but after 2013 Microsoft took it under one shade by the name of Microsoft Office.Microsoft Office Goes Live On Android

With the launch of Microsoft Office Microsoft started working on how to enhance the documentary works easier on other platforms apart from people on Windows. As the majority desktop users are habituated working on Windows but, not using the smartphones from the same platform becomes a disadvantage for many users. To make it easier for them and to reach out larger user base, Microsoft started working on Microsoft Office’s development on other platforms.

Though, the company had already introduced Office in Apple App Store, but by the end of 2014 it started rolling out this essential app on Android.

The initial roll out was only for Android Tablets, that time and within a short while it also released a preview of this app on Android smartphones. This preview was available for download over 1,900 android smartphones and this was activated among 83 countries around the globe. The preview users’ point of view, comments and suggestion has made the company to go for more developments. On the basis of the review by the users, Microsoft has made this official roll out on Android.

Microsoft Office Features:

  • Microsoft Office let the users store their work directly on cloud. Previously, this facility was available with Microsoft’s own virtual storage platform OneDrive, but now with the latest release, Microsoft enables support for Google Drive and Dropbox.
  • As it is connected with your own cloud, therefore you can easily take out any of your work and start editing. Not only the documental changes, but you can also add images, charts, graphs, graphics and animations. With all these edited elements Microsoft Office now let you store them on the cloud directly.
  • Now, users are allowed put a review on the work of the entire day. They can also check out the comments from others and add their own, as well. This process is very simple and time saving, that you can add your own point of view in the group project in between your busy schedule.
  • No matter what you have edited on your doc, it remains the same way you have left it on your cloud. So, catch it on the go and finish the rest of it.
  • Another advancement has been rolled out by Microsoft and that is, MS Office is now efficient for screening when you are at your professional sphere. You don’t need to search for a desktop or laptop for a slide show or, presentation. Users can directly do that from their smartphones with the latest development in Microsoft Office.

MS Office is compatible with the Android smartphones featuring Android KitKat 4.0 or above. This new app will be more useful if, Microsoft includes Office 360 with it. According to KnowYourHandheld, catching up documents and stored data will be easier with this addition.

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  1. Ralph Hayes

    Jul 22. 2015

    Is this true? I haven’t heard of it yet until I read your post. This is a advantage as you can use use it through your Android smartphone.

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