Neon Alarm Clock Free – Alarm Clock with amazing functions

Modern alarm clock with motion functions , intractive night mode, cool color themes and beautiful design. This week will be released new and „better“ version of Neon Alarm Clock.

Neon Alarm Clock Free - Alarm Clock


First time when you open Neon Alarm Clock tutorial helps you to understand every functions in application. The main screen contains four small circles to activate your prefer alarm clock and one big circle with actual time.It´s really simple and minimalistic appearance, which is different from other alarm clocks.

Alarm Clock with amazing  functions

Flip your phone to snooze and Shake to dismiss buy levitra money order alarm clock. However , there is also a classic way to snooze/ dismiss alarm clock. So try motion controls and enjoy remakable way to waking up.

More functions, which you will find in Neon Alarm clock are gentle mode (increase tone to set volume), setting your favourite MP3,choose colors of small rings and themes, interactive night mode and more cool stuff.

Neon Alarm Clock is available in paid and free version. You will find it at :

Free version:

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Neon Alarm Clock Free - Alarm Clock with amazing functions, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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