Penetrate The Google Play Store With A Strategic Mobile App

Ignoring Google applications means missing out on an enormous market. But if you’re not already an expert app developer, then trying to wade into the saturated world of mobile apps means you’re going to need some help. Deploying a winning app in the Google Play Store requires industry expertise, market insights, and android-mobile-apps

If you aren’t already aware, there are a lot of Android variants out there. Android’s Open Source Project means endless custom variants can be built to suit a wide variety of needs and objectives. You may have heard of some of the most prominent variants — Fire Phone, Chromecast, Nabi, or Kindle, for example — but believe us when we say there are a whole lot more.

As the dominant brand in the world of smartphones and applications (back in 2014, Google announced that over a billion people were active Android users!), Android breaks down into nearly twenty thousand distinct devices. That takes into account the big guys, like Samsung, LGE, Sony, and Motorola, but a near-countless array of smaller form-factors and brands. The fragmentation also applies to operating systems — dessert-based named systems like Kit Kat, Jelly Bean, ICS, Gingerbread, Froyo, and Ice Cream Sandwich. Compared to Apple’s evolving incarnations of iOS, that’s a lot of difference to take into account. And that’s why you always have to work with the most professional mobile app development company possible.

One thing about applications is that what you intend to develop is only limited by your imagination. Key to your app’s success is proper product strategy (this is especially true if this is your company’s first foray into the application market). A great mobile app developer will always spend time fine-tuning and honing a product-specific strategy that takes into account years of successful deployments, industry insights, technological know-how, and client-based attention. With a truly professional organization, you can rely on business-sound logic models and accurate customer forecasts, all in a communicative, open environment. It will also promise you support and post-deployment updates, ensuring your app continues to be successful in the Google Play Store.

In particular, these are just a few of theservices you can expect with Android app development by Clearbridge Mobile, one of the most innovative and leading app development companies in Canada. Their specialized Android task force embraces an agile philosophy to ensure quick developments that never confuse or confound clients and always stay on point for stakeholders. And their years of successful projects mean they have experience creating apps with download numbers in the millions — a far, far cry from what you could expect from a second-rate studio.

With all the attendant complexity, fragmentation, and vital importance of the Android app market, it’s imperative to collaborate with just such an expert company. Don’t take chances with your apps! Only work with the best.

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