6 Personal Finance Apps for Android

People like saving money. People like apps. So it stands to reason that people really like apps that save them money, so that they can then go out and buy more apps. It’s the circle of life. Always eager to do our part, here’s a sampling of a half dozen good personal finance apps for the Android.

finance android budget apps
The right budget apps can help save money on expenses like groceries or energy costs

Mint for Android

In the world of finance apps there’s one that delivers everything and then some. If you’re looking for the bells and whistles, then look no further. Mint doesn’t just track your expenses and income; it gives you the whole financial enchilada. You can log expenses, manage your budget, and sync your credit card and bank information so that you have an up to date, current picture of your finances. It’s a financial content aggregator that you can carry around with you. Mint comes from Intuit, the makers of Quicken and TurboTax. And yes, Mint is free, and is also available for the iOS and Windows 8.


Too bad it’s not called “PennyWise”; then it could have a deranged evil clown as its mascot. But that opportunity aside, MoneyWise is one of many finance apps for Android only, with the advantage of not being tied to a website, so it can be smoothly used offline as well. MoneyWise boasts an ease of use, support for all world currencies, and filtering expenses by date, account, and category.

One Touch Expenser

Straightforward and free Android finance apps like this one, lets you track expenses as divided into categories like food, entertainment, and medical. The app provides you with quick and easy ways to input expenses, including the ability to photograph receipts for filing later. Furthermore, there are no worries about missing bill paying deadlines, thanks to the reminders that you can set up in advance.

Debt Tracker

Debt is a fact of life and there’s nothing so sweet as finally paying off a long-term loan or credit card balance, once and for all. However, paying down a debt requires discipline and organization. Debt Tracker helps with the organization part by enabling you to keep track of your debt pay-down progress. And yes, you can also keep track of debts that other people owe YOU, so that’s cool. Like other Android finance apps this one is free, but for .99 cents you can use Debt Tracker on multiple devices and back up your data on Dropbox.


Let’s check out one of those finance apps that, rather than tracking how much money you’re paying, it tracks how much you’re possibly making on the stock market. JStock keeps track of your stocks as well as international indexes, and shows the current gains and losses in your portfolio’s individual stocks. This is a free Android app, but if you pay $4.99 for the upgrade, the ads go away and you get stock alerts, dividend and portfolio summary charts, unlimited watch lists, and more.


We conclude our list with a product that has a name which sounds like a Roman gladiator, like we usually do. Whereas Mint is characterized by a generous number of functions, Financius takes the simplicity route. This app features an easy to learn (and use) interface, where you can key in transactions quickly, and call up a pie chart to give you a nice visual representation of your spending. And who doesn’t love pie? Track multiple accounts, including transfers between them, and keep that precious private data locked up with the password function. Like most of the other finance apps mentioned, this one is free.

Six excellent personal finance apps

There’s nothing like having an organized budget to help you pay off debts and save money for something cool, like a vacation. Should you decide to reward yourself and take a trip, then you can have fun while still being budget-conscious, as DroidGalaxy shows you here with this collection of finance apps that help you save money while on vacation.

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