Popular Android Smartphone Apps

The use of android apps are increasing day by day, everyone is using them in one or the other way. You can get endless app options for everything, from social networking, money transfers, games, travel, news, fun activities, etc. You can get every app in the mobile market for solving the everyday problems in the easiest ways. Just by making a click, you can get all the solutions for your specific problems. Here are some of the very important apps, which are a must to have in your android phone.

Popular Android Phone Apps Review

Money Transfer International

This app is very much popular; it can help in doing the transactions very easily. Just by doing a SMS, you can make payments or can transfer money to any other account instantly. Even while shopping, you can use this app for making the purchase.

Popular Android Apps for money transfer international

Mobile Search App

This integrated google app helps in locating particular place, store, school, etc. This helps you in saving a lot of time in finding out the specific place. You can just enter the name of the place and can do the browsing; best way to reach is shown as a result.

Google's mobile search app for Android

Location-Based apps

Location based apps help in finding out the nearby located things like shopping malls, cinema halls, etc. You can get the shortest route possible from your current location to that specific place within seconds.

Android GPS Location service apps with google maps

Mobile music apps

Android music apps are best for the music lovers, different types of songs can be downloaded for entertainment levitra online best price purpose. You can enjoy them while travelling or relaxing, the best part is there are options for selections. Songs as per the artists, genre, moods, etc. can be arranged according to the choice.

Android Music Apps for Mp3 and music streaming

Mobile Advertising apps

Very popular today, many people are using mobile advertising apps for promoting their business. This helps in getting good customers at short span of time and it promotes the product in the best way.

Android Apps Review

Mobile health monitoring apps

These Android apps are a must to have for keeping the track of good health. These apps give all the instructions, with proper do’s and don’ts. You can download them according to your choice, and can remain healthy by monitoring things timely.

Android health monitory apps for mobile check ups

Mobile games

Mobile gaming with Android is very popular; there are many apps which can be downloaded as per the choice. There are so many different games available for entertainment; endless options are available for downloads like adventure, quiz, interactive, etc.Android mobile gaming apps

Other than these apps, there are many other options available. You can download them as per the choice, some of the apps are available for free but some are chargeable. Even the rates change as per the versions, higher the version, more the price. So, make the selection as per your choice and have fun any time.

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