Apps To Make Your Samsung Galaxy S4 Secure

Just within a few days after the launch, Samsung Galaxy S4 is already one of the hot moving tech cakes on market. Don’t you think the hackers are on the watch? The news on Android security is a topic of concern for all the Android users as it becomes an easy interface for hackers to work on. With a flow of Android devices daily to the mobile market, it shows how important to protect and keep your data secure. Here are the top apps that offer sentinel for you Galaxy S4.

android apps for Samsung Galaxy S4


MindWallet, security app which seals off your private information from suspicious hands. A complete wallet where all the sensitive information is stored under one password. With this security app all you need to have in mind is the password to access this master app. The important attribute to add on this security app is the masked password security and inactivity timeout feature, providing an added security layer to the sensitive data.

android app seekdroid for the Samsung Galaxy S4


Any fear of losing your device? Get SeekDroid on your Samsung Galaxy S4 and stop all your anxieties. SeekDroid keeps in track of your device in case if its misplaced or stolen. This tracking app helps you find the lost device from anywhere by exactly spotting it on the map and thereby setting an audible alarm. SeekDroid can be controlled easily from the secure site and does locating by enabling GPS remotely, it can wipe the phone entirely and make it hidden from the app drawer and also work even without SIM . What waiting for, get the app now!

Lookout for Android on Samsung Galaxy


A strong protection guaranteed security app which keeps your phone away from virus, malware and other threats around. It can even locate the lost phone just from anywhere by setting out a loud alarm once it’s spotted on the map. Lookout does scanning on scheduled basis or weekly making the device more secure by blocking unwanted attacks via downloads. It keeps in track of all apps by checking on any virus attack. An important feature to make note is that it keeps backup of all the data including user photos, call log and even wipe data entirely when required.

Android secure password manager for Samsung Galaxy S4

mSecure Password Manager

A convenient, efficient way to keep your passwords and sensitive data from the reach of hackers. With mSecure, you can leave your tensions away as it stores your credit card details, bank accounts, web account passwords and other security concerns safe. Meanwhile you can access all these on your palm at ease. This security app uses an encryption method which is proven by all standards to guard the device though stolen.

Android mobile security and Samsung Galaxy S4

avast! Mobile Security

Highly functional and encouraged security app for all Android users by the Android Authority. This app can keep your Samsung Galaxy S4 secure in ease. It does timely scans on apps, drives and memory card, the Privacy Advisor feature of this app got rights to monitor installed apps and Application Manager can assist the user to have a look on background running apps and even advices to uninstall or turn off any app regarding privacy concerns. One of the marked features to mention along is Anti-theft which is hidden, enables the user to wipe off data, set an alarm via a call or SMS under control to track the lost device. The Network Meter of the app records all the data transfers efficiently, hence reporting the user with all the required information on time.

In one of the next articles we will review customization and styling apps for Android as well as high definition Galaxy wallpaper for Samsung Galaxy S4.

This post has been written by Mary Roberta, an outreach consultant at Casemate UK. If you liked this article or happen to bring protection of your device, please check out Galaxy S4 Tough Xtreme case . It protects your S4 from falls, impacts and indeed fetches a new look.

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4 Responses to “Apps To Make Your Samsung Galaxy S4 Secure”

  1. Billy Ruiz

    Jun 19. 2013

    For me, it would be necessary to certain smartphones to have an installed antivirus. Smartphones can access the internet and we know that internet is full of viruses and malware which can affect the system and its files.

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  2. Droid

    Aug 26. 2013

    Top notch smartphone Samsung Galaxy S4 is popular and even Apple fanboys are captivated 🙂

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  3. E.Perez

    Dec 29. 2013

    great security apps for my galaxy s. Thank you

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  4. Gordon

    Jan 30. 2014

    I’m amazed at how people loose their phones.
    Regardless, EVERY new device comes with a way to locate it if lost or stolen, making it super easy to find.
    Try to install seekdroid or lookout onto your phone from the google play store and then set up an account on your home PC and try to track your phone. If that doesn’t work then yes report the phone stolen to your carrier and file an insurance claim.

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