Top 5 Trending Social Apps for Android

Now a days, everyone from age group 13yrs and more, are very fond of the trending social apps. Social apps provide a connectivity option between you and your friend, family, known or an unknown person. These apps provide a medium for you to get connected with others. Social apps were earlier restricted to computers only but now these apps have made their way through smartphones also. There are many social apps but the most trending are as follows.

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Facebook has become one of the most famous social apps among android users and youngsters. Now a days, they are very much keen about facebooking. Not only youngsters but elders are also using face book. Facebook is basically for users of 13 yrs old or over. Now a days, people of  every age group, either kid, or younger or elder, everyone has their own account on Facebook, as they all want stay connected socially with their friends and relatives through facebook. And this staying connected socially has become more easier and more interesting with the help of the face book app for android.

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This facebook app for android helps android users to keep up with their friends and relatives or loved ones, faster than ever. Through this app, you can see about what your friends are upto, you can see their photos, videos, updates and also can share your same with others. Also you can post any article to your wall.  You also get notified when friends like or comment on your posts. You can even text chat with anyone you want to. And if you are getting bored, then you can play games and use your favorite apps.

For android users, some new features are being added. These are, animated stickers, which you can use in messages and some bug fixes have been done and now you will be able to control the music which you are listening to right from your lock screen.

This app has been downloaded 8,080,521, times,  and is being shared on google+ 3837080 times till now and  its rating is 3.7 out of 5.

WhatsAPP Messenger

Whatsapp messenger is a messenger for smartphones, which contain android, ios, windows etc. as supporting system. This app is used with the help of internet connection, either through 2g, 3g, or wifi. With this app you can send or receive messages, pictures, audio notes and video messages to or from your friends, relatives, or known or unknown people. For the first year, this app is free, and after that, it will b charged $0.99 usd per year.

whatsapp messenger android social app review

Why people are switching from normal messages to whatsapp messenger….??

There is no extra or hidden cost after you download this app. You can send unlimited messages to your friends in a day for free. But this app only requires internet connection. You can send or receive multimedia, images, videos, contacts, etc. and can even do group chats. There are no international or national charges for the messages you send.

There is no need to log in or log out again and again. Whatsapp always remain on and always remain connected, but only if you have an access to an internet connection. There is no need to add your phones contact one by one,  your address book will be automatically used and your contacts who already have whatsapp will be automatically displayed.

This whatsapp messenger app for android has been download 4,015,204 times till now and its rating is 4.5 out of 5.


Viber is a very useful social app. This app is basically used for free calling from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world. Through this useful app you can get connected to anyone in the world for free. There are more than 200 million viber users who text, call, share videos and images over wifi or 2g or 3g. This app is available for most of the smartphones and this is easy to install and u can very easily make account on viber, which will be only required for once, till you log out. After logging in, this app automatically syncs your phone contacts.

social apps for Android review with viber app

With this app you can text to your friends, can make free calls with HD sound recording quality. You can make groups with upto 40 participants. You can even send stickers and emoticons. This app also includes puss notification feature, which guarantees you to never miss a call or messages, even when viber is off. And most amazing feature is that this app is add free.

This app is downloaded by android users for 1,368,310 times till now and its rating is 4.4

Some new features have been added to this app, which enables you to know when your friends have seen your messages. Some new emoticons have also been added, and massive performance improvements have been done.


This app is related to facebook. With this app you can directly text to your friends on their smartphones, feature phones or to the desktop computers. With this app you will be able to chat even if you are using other apps also.

Android facebook messenger app for social interaction with friends and family

With this app, you don’t have to first sign in with facebook, you can directly sign in to facebook messenger. You can do facebook chats directly from this app. You can keep on chatting on this app, even while using other apps. You can include your location to tell your friends where you are. You can swipe left to know who’s available online. You can also activate push notifications in this app, so that you don’t miss important messages, pictures, etc. To do all these things, facebook messenger only needs your internet connection.

This facebook messenger app is downloaded by 1,024,159 times till now and its rating is 4.4 out of 5.


This app is really a good app for doing voice chat. This app is free for android users. You can also do free texting, voice messages, and free video calling.  There are more than 100 million users who use this app daily, for voice messages.

social apps for the droid with android WeChat app

By using this app you can talk faster through voice messages. The sound quality of this app is so good that you get crystal clear voice while doing voice chat. You can also go for discover option where you can look for nearby by people, by using your location. You can also share real walkie talkie mode with upto 40 people, and you can share likes, comments etc with friends. Once you logged into this app, you will always remain online and will never miss a single message as this app also provides push notification option. This app also works on your phone’s internet connection.

Now you can even download new stickers from the shop within the app. You can also save your favorite moments and with the all new hold together function, you can add new friends nearby.

This app is being downloaded by android users 637,738 times and its rating is 4.3 out of 5.

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