Android Applications Your Kids will love to Play

Game Developers has since identified the potential of creating exclusive games for kids and as of today, there are approximately three thousand educational apps for kids and over 5,000 game applications across other genres.

Android applications especially for kids between 3-13 years of age

Why you may not want your kids to spend the majority of their day time playing games on android portable devices, the truth is that as a parent, you cannot monitor the activities of your kids—between the ages of 8-14— all the time but what you can do is determine the kind of games you want on your kids’ phones.

The Top 10 Android Applications for Kids

This list of downloadable android games will cover applications across all age groups from 3-13 to help parents pick appropriate applications for their kids.

Super Why

This application mixes popular characters from the TV series Super Why; Alpha Pig, Princess Presto, Wonder Red and super why, while allowing your kids practice the alphabets, spell words and actually sharpen their writing and reading skills. The Super Why runs on all Android devices with operating systems above 2.0. This application can be downloaded here for $0.99.

Jump Start Pre-school Magic of Learning

The bright colors, lovely interface and surroundings of this educational application will definitely capture the imagination of every preschooler. The game’s protagonist Frankie the dog, takes all adventurers through the world of education in a way only a cute dog can achieve. The application runs on all android operating systems and can be gotten for approximately $0.99. This is the perfect tool to keep your kid addicted to learning on the go.

Smart Fun

Have you noticed your kid’s love for nature? If yes then the smart fun is just the game for him or her. It combines beautiful scenery, diverse animals and their corresponding sounds to allow kids learn more about nature, its creatures and the sounds they produce. The application is multi-lingual and provides kids with the opportunity to learn some Spanish, Portuguese and English. It can be downloaded at no cost by clicking here.

Fruit Ninja

The term ninja here does not in any way relate to violence. The fruit ninja is a game that allows kids slash through fruits by simply sliding a finger across the mobile device’s screen. Every stage commences with fruits flying all over the place and the speed at which each fruit is slashed determines the players score. At the end of each stage, some facts on an exotic fruit will be provided as an incentive for moving to the next round as well as for learning purposes.

Spaghetti Marshmallows

If your kid loves playing with construction and design materials such as the ever popular Lego, then this well designed app with its beautiful surroundings might just be the right way to channel his or her creative spark. The game play allows kids create patterns with marshmallows while using spaghetti as the string to hold patterns together with the aim been to end up with one marshmallow meeting a set target. The added incentive after completing a stage is the delightful opportunity to scatter your structure anyway you choose.

Home Work

First and foremost, this is not a fun app but more of an educational android application to be used by your older kids to learn time management. It helps the user organize his or her homework, reading time and recreational period according to a customized fashion. Its function is obviously to get your older kids to be more time conscious and organized.

iStory Books

And my personal favorite, the iStory book is an application that combines powerful imagery with educational stories which can be read manually or as a podcast for the listening pleasure of your kids. It comes with eleven free books at the on-set with more been added every week. It can be downloaded here.

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