New Shooting/Action game – Monster Killer: Shooter Mayhem

The popularity of shooting games has always been enormous, since we started loving to shoot and destroy things from early age. Playing a shooting game awakens our survival instinct and starts an adrenalin rush since there are things approaching with an intention to kill us.

Android Shooter Gaming

In this case, monsters are the ones that must be shot and exterminated. If your life is getting slow and monotonous, and you feel the urge to feel the adrenalin running through your body, Monster Killer: Shooter Mayhem is just the cure.

android shooter gaming app Monster Killer: Shooter Mayhem

The Development Studio

Peaksel LLC, a game and app developer from Serbia, has recently released one of their numerous games and put it on the market. One very interesting thing should be pointed out before anything else is said about this game – starring action heroes (there are two of them) are, or at least look very much like, Bruce Willis and Steven Seagal, the legendary actors from action movies. Their mission is to save the Earth from a monster invasion. The monsters are ugly, deadly, and merciless.

The Game

The game consists of twelve levels, whereas the last level is endless, which means that one could enjoy shooting monsters forever. Perhaps it would be better if the game had a few more levels, but this seems to work just buy levitra dapoxetine fine. As the level number goes up, it gets harder to kill all the monsters since they get grow in number and new, stronger monsters are introduced. The number and strength of weapons available grows proportionally with the level difficulty, which makes it a lot more fun and possible to complete a level. Players start only with a knife, but further on, they have a chance to pick up different swords, axes, guns, flame throwers, bazookas, and several other weapons. Moreover, there are options to recharge the hero’s health, use a shield and increase a weapon’s power five times. (Game preview available here.)

android shooter gaming app Monster Killer: Shooter Mayhem

Game design was fully taken care of – heroes, monsters, weapons, different battle fields, music, sounds – everything looks and sounds well balanced. Heroes make funny and catchy remarks, game music keeps a player engaged, while beat box mixed with a great trumpet melody boost up the mood between levels.

Peaksel LLC has done a good job adjusting the game difficulty after the update compared to a very hard first version of the game. A Christmas edition was also released during the holidays, which appeared to be pretty popular. Monster Killer: Shooter Mayhem is available for free download on Google Play, where more of Peaksel LLC’s games and apps can be found.

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New Shooting/Action game - Monster Killer: Shooter Mayhem, 9.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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    Cool looking game! Too bad there are only 12 levels. Still going to have to check this one out. Great review Carsten

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