Android Underwater Game: Depths

Depths is a game of underwater exploration with a mix of time trial. Through the course of 20 levels you’ll have to dodge, out run or kill several wild life that will try to keep you from your main goal, to reach the exit door at the end of each level.

Android exploration game app with under-sea caves and tunnels in an ocean world

Explore the Ocean

This game controls are simple and easy to grasp, just press and hold your finger in the direction that you want your submarine to move. Sounds easy enough but the maze like levels with hidden passages revealed only by your sonar and the several hazards like land slides and marine currents will keep you from reaching the end of the level in time.

It is all about Time

Time is your main concern in this game, but there’s other elements that kill you immediately like a World War II naval mine or giant sharks that just seem eager to eat a peace of your submarine for some reason. Of course get power ups to help you pass this obstacles and there’s is macabre satisfaction in controlling a submarine with turbo and missiles racing trough all those pesky fishes like they are nothing.
If competitive play is your cup of tea, there’s even a leader board system tied with facebook were you can compete with your friends for the best score in every level.

Constant Game Development

The game is actively being updated. the developers fixed some of the community identified issues and promised to continue doing the same with more content and fixes continuously.

About the Developers: Immersive Douro is a Portuguese company making it’s way into the entertainment industry. With only one year of existence this small company has delivered two original games. Mastering in beautiful graphics and original concepts this is definitely a crew to keep an eye out for.

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  1. Sonja

    Jan 31. 2014

    Depths is a real cool app for under water adventure on Android tablet esp.

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