Top 5 Competitive Game Apps On Android

The majority of mobile games are meant to be played by individuals for casual entertainment or even “time wasting,” as some like to say. But we’ve also seen a distinct movement in the last few years toward games that incorporate competition, either with increasingly difficult CPU systems or with other players online. So if you’re the type to enjoy the competitive side of video game entertainment, here are five Android apps worth thinking about.

Modern Combat Android

Modern Combat 5: Blackout

There seems to be a never-ending struggle by app developers to figure out how to best approximate the excitement of console shooters on a mobile platform. And this title from Gameloft’s impressive selection of mobile games may be the best approximation that’s been made. With several detailed, engaging levels, an enjoyable progression system, and plenty of other players always looking for matches, Modern Combat 5: Blackout pretty much nails everything gamers look for in a competitive shooter. Not to mention the controls are pretty satisfying for a touchscreen shooter.

Worms 3 Android

Worms 3

If you’ve ever played Team 17’s Worms series, you know this is about as enjoyable as a simple one-versus-one gaming experience can get. For those not familiar with the concept, you basically plot a team of worms on a map opposite your opponent’s worms, and then take turns launching all kinds of attacks across the way. The team with the last surviving worm wins. The Worms 3 app brings this experience to Android in brilliant form.

GalaiOS Android

Gala Casino

For some competitive gamers, there’s still nothing that quite tops a casino environment, where games like blackjack and poker—despite employing elements of chance—feel like intricate, strategic battles against opponents. Though it’s primarily known as an online platform, Gala Casino’s mobile games bring a lot of the excitement of a full-fledged Internet casino to your phone or tablet, allowing for everything from simple slot machines to table card games. Where legal, the games can even be played with real money on the line.

Sonic Racing Android

Sonic Racing Transformed

Despite the dozens of prominent racing games released over the years for consoles and mobile platforms alike, there’s still nothing that tops Nintendo’s Mario Kart series. But Sonic Racing Transformed, one of a number of Sonic-based games from SEGA’s mobile lineup, is probably the closest thing to an effective Mario Kart knock-off (unless you count the under-appreciated Diddy Kong Racing that came out for N64 back in the day). At any rate, it’s one of the most satisfying multiplayer racing games for mobile, regardless of whether you tend to prefer realistic or cartoonish racing games.

8 Ball Pool Android

8 Ball Pool

Getting back to the idea of casino games, or at least bar room games, there’s something delightfully straightforward about 8-ball pool in a digital multiplayer setup. This particular game is an app-based spin on the popular title from Miniclip’s online games, where it’s been a favorite for years. Know of any other great multiplayer selections for Android users? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Nick Torald

    Apr 06. 2016

    I liked your taste in competitive games. There are also some better apps to try. Not just the arcade ones!

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  2. ohboyoh

    Apr 24. 2016

    Vainglory and Hearthstone isn’t on this list… sooooo….. what does that mean?

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  3. Harry

    Apr 20. 2017

    Many different games to choose from. ..payouts are on the stingy side but four hour bonuses are great! Graphics are not too bad. Best part is constant game transitions so there is always a new game to try.

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  4. Navneet

    Jul 05. 2017

    All apps are really good. Thanks!

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  5. Ethan

    Aug 17. 2017

    Hi Navneet,
    A great post you shared on this page about the five competitive of android games ,If you want to install the best game in your android device ,Then the best way for you to read this greate informative post post and remember the features of a games are mentioned in this post especially ” 8 Ball Pool ” which help you to chose a best game for your android device after reading this post and also save your time .

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  6. GST Consultant

    Aug 19. 2017

    Thanks for sharing your views.

    Thanks and Regards

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