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Math vs Dinosaurs Kids Games is a cool educational game which enables players to practice their math and, at the same time, learn about dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures. The game truly shows that math can be fun.

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With 60 levels of dinomania and math practice, players have plenty of chances to brush upon their math skills and learn something new about these giants which inhabited the Earth long time ago. The game comprises four basic math operations – division, addition, multiplication, an subtraction – with an option to switch off any of those and adjust the level to the player’s knowledge. As a result of this, Math vs Dinosaurs Kids Games is a great game for both kids and adults.

Players are given a choice between two characters, a boy Max or his sister Zoe, who decided to go back in time and meet dinosaurs. At every fifth level, a dinosaur appears and before the level itself, players can read about the dinosaur: what it was, when it lived and some other basic facts.

Finally, a nice addition to the game is a section for educators. The section allows teachers and parents to monitor the progress of a player, in case it is a child. An advantage of this feature is the possibility of learning about areas in need of improvement, in which case the child will get the help needed to make further progress in math.

Math vs Dinosaurs is a fun game to play and it demonstrates that learning is fun by offering an entertaining brain training. The game is free to download from Google Play Store.

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