Android Games Review: Rail Rush, Bad Piggies & McPixel

Gearing up for a long commute somewhere requires you to stock up on two things (besides money and a snack, of course): good songs on your iPod and some cool games on your mobile device, should you want to give your ears a rest. If you’re one of the many Android users, then you have lots to be happy about. There is a wide collection of mind-blasting games, which will keep you on the edge of your seat and make a two-hour journey seem like a 15-minute drive.

The Rail Rush Craze

If you can’t get enough of Temple Run, then this is something that will have you darting all over your phone trying to stay on track. With Rail Rush you are transported to an underground mine that is rife with dangers and rewards at every twist and turn. There are three railroad tracks that go on forever (not really) and you’ll have one hell of a time avoiding lava drops and collecting gold nuggets and power boosters.

The best thing about this game is that it can be frighteningly challenging to master. You might just utter a sudden yelp and startle your fellow commuters while trying to cross a complex track. The only drawback of Rail Rush is that the first 500 meters of track is quite boring, as you have absolutely nothing to do. Overall, a great release from Miniclip that has already notched up over 1 million downloads!

Other games that have Android users hooked all over the world are:

Bad Piggies

From the makers of Angry Birds, comes a game that has you helping the pigs get to the eggs before buy generic levitra india they run out of time. One of the most anticipated games, Bad Piggies will give you a heart attack (again, I’m kidding) as you try to create modular vehicles to help them reach their goal. You get to use umbrellas, Coke and Mentos and various other knick-knacks to make the piggies fly, or crash. This game is worthy to be a part of your home screen.

Android Games Review Bad Piggies Mobile Version

Desert Stormfront

Okay, you’re a VERY serious gamer and the above-mentioned games are something you wouldn’t touch. For the gaming geeks, Desert Stormfront will certainly be a game to download and keep, forever. The Real Time Strategy game is set in the Middle East as you battle for oil and power with a large army at your disposal. Age of Empire fans will find a lot of gameplay similarities and it is the best Android strategy game out there at the moment.

Android Games Review Desert Stormfront


To call this game quirky would be a gross understatement. How can you describe a game that involves defusing a bomb that is lodged in a person’s colon? This stark raving mad adventure will take you over the edge and beyond. It is strange, gross, fantastic, over-the-top, and one of the most entertaining point-and-click games of 2012.

Android Games Review McPixel Mobile Adventure

Google Play crossed the 25 billion-download mark in September, and this just goes to show that unique games will always be welcome. Download the best out there and have your own personal adventure whenever you get a chance.

Andrea Walters, a freelance writer for MyTechHelp – a leader in providing support across various products brands and tech devices for individuals and small businesses in need of instant tech support.

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  1. Giovannie

    Dec 07. 2012

    Mc Pixel is the best 🙂

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  2. Top games of December 2012

    Dec 09. 2012

    Like them all 🙂

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  3. Edward Fiddle

    Nov 25. 2013

    Rail rush and Bad piggeis are awesome, haven’t played Desert Stormfront yet, but love playing Frontline Commando, is Desert Stormfront comparatively better than Frontline Commando.


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