The Best RPG Games for Android

Video games are not only for entertainment, but also let you to get into the world you most like. You can be a ninja one minute and change to a marine the next and all thanks to the wide range of games we have access to. Role Playing Games popularly known as RPG are games in which people take the role of the main character in a virtual setting. Here are a few of the best RPG games for Android you can consider.Review for the most popular Role Play Games for Android

Zenonia 4

It is always awesome to play the knight in shining armor and Zenonia 4 offers you just that. Arm yourself with the mighty Android device and prepare to fight evil! If you have played the previous versions of the game, you will love this one! Regret is the character you get to play. He is a brave soldier fighting monsters who try to disrupt the peace of Earth. However, he gets to fight in high definition offering a more realistic action sequence to the game.

If you love animals and enjoy RPG games, this will be a perfect game to play. The game is filled with animals and at the same time packed with action. You get to follow first-hand the story of Regret as he and his friends get into the action-filled adventure in fighting off evil. The more monsters you defeat, the better level your character will go. You can customize the character by choosing skills of your choice and distributing stat points. If you think you have mastered RPG, you can go PVP (Player Versus Player).

Best RPG Games for Android Review


If you want to combine fun and battle (!), this is the game to go for. The game can be played the best on an Android device. You get the coveted position of commander of your side in a war. The game is simple and has easy touch-based controls you can learn quickly. All you have to do is tap and drag to defend your allies or attack your enemies or just tap the skills button to perform some tricks. You can choose your side from the various characters. You can also position your army according to your will. Though this game might look like a cartoonish war game, you have to use your ‘warrior’ skills to remain undefeated!

Best RPG Games for Android Review with Battleheart


You get to be a sexy cow-boy! Experience the Wild Wild West with the infamous Buck Crosshaw. He is a notorious outlaw who protects the place from robbers and mean Cow Boys. Adding to the thrill are super-natural creatures like Vampires and monsters. You get to control Buck and guide him in overcoming obstacles when chasing away the villains. You will be taken right across the states of Oregon and Arizona from the comfort of your home and through your Android device. Let’s not forget a typical cow boy’s weapons, horses and guns! You get to choose from eight horses and nineteen weapons. Wear your cow boy hat, saddle your horse and load your gun to chase away villains!

RPG Games for Android Review and Six Guns

These are a few RPG games you can consider playing! They offer you everything from thrills to adventure.

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    RPG on Android are nice

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