10 Survival Games for Android

The development of phones and mobile technologies as a whole has revolutionized the way we do things and this has permeated even to the video gaming world. The mobile platforms that we have currently can fully execute functions that were the preserve of personal computers. The iPhone and the other phones that run on android technologies have the capacity to play mobile video games without a struggle. The software in place is just the right one for such games. Mobile game developers on the other hand have always strived to make gaming technologies that run across a number of platforms. As a result we now have a variety of mobile video games.

With rise in mobile video games there is always one caution that these games can be interestingly addictive and in our list for today we shall give you a sneak preview of the survival games that run on iPhone and mobile phone technology. These are games that make you to literally use whatever weapon that is available to fight your enemies. This list again is not exhaustive but it has picked the best there is in this genre.

Gears and guts

There is no excitement than there is driving in a car that is loaded with all sorts of weapons with a mission to accomplish. Well Gears and guts is a game with a mission to fulfill; to bring down the troublesome guys around its area of influence. The vehicle which is carrying the weaponry and of course driven by you has an interestingly flexibility-weapons can be added in a bid to replenish the stock of used weaponry.

Android Version of Gears and guts

Meteor blitz

Have you ever fought never ending enemies in a stance where the more you fight them the more they reappear and intercept your way? Well, when it is matters of survival that counts even if it means controlling a spaceship that has gotten into some trouble, all that can be done. Meteor blitz has this as its underlying team fighting the meteors in a bid to survive in the outer space.

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Zombieville USA 2

When 3D animation came into the video games scene, people almost totally forgot the beauty that comes with 2D graphics and cartoons. Well, the success of Zombieville USA is what led to the upgrade to Zombieville USA 2.  Being an upgrade, one would expect a reuse of some of the cartoons and features; well, that is irrefutable but what is more profound is that new features have also been included to the game play. The weapons and skills are just some of them but there is more exciting content making it a survival game worthy to be selected in this top ten list.

Android Games review

Organ Trail: Director’s cut

It’s a walk into the past for old gamers. This particular mobile video game gives one a retro feel while bringing in the action of the zombies. It is generally a zombie survival game and the catch is to ensure neither dysentery nor diarrhea is reported amongst your crew or party members.

Android Gaming and Android games

Monster Shooter Lost Levels

It is a survival of levels and planets. This game is not the first in its series there is a predecessor having almost the same features where you are pitted against a number of deadly and killer enemies. Again through speed of execution, your mission is to smash your enemies into small pieces and leave that particular level safe and unscathed. There are eighty levels in this game to be precise.

Android Games survival


Have you ever felt the weight of responsibilities? Exorcist makes you feel exactly that. You are armed with a cocktail of weapons and your mission is to hit at the waves of monsters in an effort to protect yourself from harm and flush them out of existence. The enemies are coming in large numbers and the strategies that you employ will determine whether you survive or not. Its theme is one you would love.

Android Gaming Exorcist

Dead on arrival

If you have never in your life fought a rioting and boisterous crowd of enemies then this game accord you a special chance, to do so. It pits you with a gun under your possession with this large and excited group of enemies. The pace of the game is generally fast meaning you have to think quick and smart. With time and every successful step towards accomplishing your mission, you get money which you accumulate to help you purchase weapons to further your mission. It is your tact and speed of execution that will make you survive.

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In this game which the mobile video gamers may find familiar because it has been here for quite some time now, the player has to show his prowess and fight for survival. The fight is happening in the battlefront of Hardland and the enemies are all over in the dark wilderness. It needs bravery and tact to accomplish this mission.

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Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies

This game is flexible as far as the participants are concerned. It can either be played by a single person or with others. A look at the graphics tells you of a game that is well designed; this coupled with the intensive game play that is characteristic of this game makes it an absolute winner. The most amazing thing about it is that it can be played via Wi-Fi giving it relevance to this fast paced technology-oriented generation.

Android Game Review Call of Duty Black Ops

Gun Bros

The enemy fires and you have to be alert enough to return the fire. Such is the setting for this game which for some reason happens amongst a number of planets infested by creatures from different races ones that you do not know. The aliens are all over and your task is to coordinate the weaponry and equipment at your disposal to first of all protect yourself then secondly to seek to make the enemy extinct.

Android Gun Bros Survival Games

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  1. jermari

    May 07. 2014

    Will you have don’t starve free for android Samsung Galaxy exhibit

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  2. Plato Evolved

    Jun 24. 2014

    Another cool survival game, Isle Survive 🙂

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  3. Mr. Pongo

    Jun 14. 2015

    ‘Survive’ seems to be a pretty popular wilderness survival game.

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  4. Randax

    Aug 18. 2015

    Same as every other “top 10 android survival games” list… these games are just awesome on my Android tablet 🙂

    Please write more about the latest survival games on your great Droid blog. Thank you!

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  5. Madhu

    Dec 24. 2015

    World’s first game for sneaker heads is finally here! Go on a quest to save your holy grail while slashing hype beast sneakers. Slash through all inferior footwear and compete on a regular basis to win free sneakers!

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  6. Sandra

    Feb 08. 2016

    Merely seek for them over Google.

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