Temple Run 2 for Android – Preview

After successfully launching Temple Run 2 for the Apple users, the developers of this game are all set to make it available for the Android platform. It has been made official that this game will make its way to Android Operating System (OS) on the 24th of January this year. Android devices come with a plethora of screen sizes. This is one of the biggest challenges developers of Temple Run 2 face while launching this game for Android OS.

Android Game review Temple Run 2 for Android

More information on Temple Run 2

  •      Developers and Publishers: Imangi Studios
  •      Version: 1.0
  •      Gaming mode: Single player
  •      Genre: Action and adventures

Temple Run 2 is an extension of its predecessor Temple Run 1.

Temple Run 2: A Review

The idea of this game is to ensure that the player runs as fast and as far as he possibly can. While he is running he is entitled to collect bonus points and at the same time he has to fight obstacles that come his way. Temple Run 2 is a game that focuses on a set of characters. One of them that the gaming player controls is responsible for stealing an idol from a temple and he is on the run. He then passes the idol to another player. The player who receives it finds himself chased out of the temple by a gang of violent monkeys. The game has finally begun.

To escape obstacles the player has to run on the predesigned track. While he is on the run he can pick up coins of different colors. While the blue coins give the player 3 points, the red coins earn him 2 points each. Additionally, the player can use the coins that he collects for unlocking the other characters of the game. With the character its respective power-up is also unlocked. The player can earn himself a mega coin after he earns 150 coins. While he is on the run, he can earn a 2 Point coin and a 3 Point coin for having successfully accomplished 1000 meters and 2000 meters respectively.

Characters of Temple Run 2

Following are the games controllable characters

  • Guy dangerous: He is the default explorer. He is just an average explorer
  • Montana Smith: Believed to be the second best explorer
  • Karma Lee: An explorer from the Far East
  • Barry Bones: The city police
  • Scarlett Fox: The escape artist who is cunning by nature
  • Zack Wonder: A football hero
  • Francisco Montoya: The conquistador

Features of Temple Run 2

This game is feature-rich; let us take a look at a few of them here:

  • Characters have been blessed with additional powers
  • Revamped organic gaming environment
  • New graphics that have been beautifully designed
  • Bigger monkey
  • Additional adventurous tasks and achievements
  • More power-ups
  • New obstacles on the running track

Having stolen the idol the gaming character can run, jump, slide and turn in this game. Traveling across zip lines, cliffs, forests and mines the latest version of this game has it all.

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