The year of Android Games 2013

The gaming market is a competitive one and only growing as new technologies are developed. Though not in the primary form of play for gamers, android is seeing a great growth in their market impact in several different arenas of technology, especially gaming. As the methods and modes of play are developed, android users and those interested in what gaming developments are being made are anticipating that this could be the year of the Android game. Why all the discussion of Android?

Mobile Gaming with Android Platform 2013

The following explains new developments by Android that are already making an impact and creating buzz, just a few months into the New Year. Though there are console and device developments, it is through game development that Android may see its greatest impact.


One of the major ways that individuals are seeing a growth and potential impact in the Android gaming market is through the use of Android gaming consoles. Specifically, two new Android game consoles are being promoted for the coming year. The beauty of these machines is that they are challenging the impact that the Xbox is anticipated to have with not one, but two different models. The Ouya is a smaller device making an impact on the industry, but is the mobile USB-sized Gamestick that is leaving gamers reeling with excitement. This small device is transportable and can be hooked onto a keychain. Even with all of this excitement, though, 2013 is not about the console but about the Android games that are launching this year.

ShadowRun Online

ShadowRun Online is an interactive game that is gaining steam and anticipation for Android users. The game is set in a futuristic landscape with brilliant graphics of high detail and quality. The goal is to navigate through this world of harm and danger, using weapons and different equipment to beat the forces of darkness while competing against other players. The interactivity of the game is one of its most buy levitra viagra impactful and anticipated aspects. Users are not stuck playing against a computer representation of others but can go head to head in online battles, all via their Android devices. The level of connection is amazing and one of the reasons that this is already changing the way in which Android devices will be used for gameplay in the coming year.

Asphalt 8

For those who enjoy the racing genre, the release of Asphalt 8 for Android is going to be an amazing edition to their collection. Bright and colorful graphic representations of tropical backdrops and geographically stunning arenas of play will be what you see as you drive around the cities. There are options in cars and your goal is to beat competitors and make an impact on the streets by winning different races and beating different foes that challenge your racing domination. Hours of fun are sure to ensue and this popular genre can welcome this edition to their Android devices.

Broken Sword 5: The Sorcerer’s Curse

Many projects are being developed in the technology sector and funded by Kickstarter. Android games are no exception and Broken Sword 5 is just one of them. Broken Sword 5: The Sorcerer’s Curse will put individuals in charge of navigating a unique world of whimsy and fancy as they battle mythical demons and creatures. The game is not yet available on the mass market but for just fifteen dollars, an individual can pledge to increase the games timeline as well as preorder a copy for their devices. For fans of the adventure and fantasy worlds, this game is going to be one to watch and play.

The article is drawn by Jason Phillips. He is a video game designer who has designed many award winning video games. He wrote an article on Sonic Adventures got a good audience for this game.

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