Top 10 Android Apps and Games in 2013

Android apps are coming out so fast it’s almost hard to keep up. 2013 has been a busy year already. There’s one to fit any need, whether it’s gaming, keeping up with your favorite sports team, or holding to that New Year’s resolution to drop a few pounds. Some are free and others are at a minimal charge. Here are the ten most appealing ones so far.

X Construction

It’s nice to find a game app that can truly offer something for people of any age range. Normally the ones that appeal to smaller kids are just plain boring to adults. X Construction came up a winning combination. It tests your bridge building skills at all levels. You have to construct these bridges only using the available materials. It’s fun and challenging for children and adults.

Android Games 2013

Beat the Beast

Beat the Beast might sound like any old tower defending game that’s come out so far, but it has a big difference. Try cool 3D graphics and tons of different beasts that you have defend the tower against. It makes for hours of gameplay that will never leave you bored.

Top Android Games 2013

Yahoo Sportacular

What sports fanatic wouldn’t want the ability to check on the score of any game, at any time?
Yahoo Sportscaster lets you pick the leagues and teams to track. You can receive live play-by-play and score alerts. It’s an easy way to keep up on wins and losses and all the latest team news.

Top Android Apps 2013

Temple Run

Remember Indiana Jones? Imagine him running through a treacherous path, avoiding pitfalls and monsters, while trying to hold onto a golden icon. It’s a challenging game with an arcade feel to it.

Most played Android Game Temple Run makes a lot of fun


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Best Android Apps 2013

Steampunk Racing 3D

This racing game has some of the most unusual scenery for a game of its type. Strange looking Steampunk vehicles are raced over entire industrialized nations that are battle scarred from war. Of course it involves shooting enemies with big, ugly weapons. It’s enough to keep you playing for hours on end.

Android Games 2013


Have you made the resolution this year to drop a few pounds and live healthier? This might be the app for you. RPG gaming at it’s finest. It makes YOU the main character where you earn points for working out and level-up enough to kill the “laziness dragon.” Fitness was never more entertaining. Share results with your friends with the social networking capabilities.

Top Android Apps 2013


Finally an app for the coupon fanatic! Groupon offers incredible deals on products and services and the best part is no printing of coupons. You can cash them in using your Android device. It’s easy to save money using this little app.

Android Apps for 2013

Gurk, 8-bit RPG

Gurk, 8-bit RPG has no real story, but it has lots of monsters and action-packed adventure. Kill the monsters and advance in the world. It’s pretty much a throwback to the ‘80s video arcade gaming experience. The difference is the graphics are so much better in 2013.

Android Games for 2013


Okay, so the Android camera isn’t the best on every Smartphone. You can defeat that problem with this app. It features image clean-up, filters and all sorts of neat effects like toy and fisheye for image enhancement. The app is easy to use and will make all your Android pictures look great.

Android Apps 2013 Camera

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