Top 5 Classic Games on Android

Most of the people are interested in the new technologies, the latest and most innovative or the most modern appliances about visually stunning games, but what is left of retro games? Now we are going to make a journey back in time,  for the delight of nostalgic, here are some of the best classic games on Android:

Minesweeper android classics


How many of you have spent their youth trying to figure out this game? I think I am not the only one who spent inconsiderable time  in front of my computer screen, trying to develop a strategy or just play at random, while avoiding falling to the sad smiley and blowing a mine. Minesweeper Classic is a no graphical style game (it’s even more shocking on tablet screen), but it will make you downright addictive. Finally, once you get the idea!

tetris android


This game frankly don’t needs to be introduced. We’ve all played at least once, and Candy Crush Saga is not unlike the concept of this classic. The Google Play Store is full of thousands of version of Tetris, but none mimics the original perfectly. The version of EA presented is simply the one with the trade name. As with all free games, check anyway the requested permissions.

pinball classic android


Pinball is a classic, impossible to miss! An entire generation has been passionate for this game yet where the principle buy levitra online canada dated from a long time. With the levels, difficulties gets a lot harder not to lose the ball is growing rapidly and you become addicted. Again, the opportunity has tried more than one developer on the Play Store.

Pac-Man Tournaments android

Pac-Man + Tournaments

You may not all agree with me, but Pac-Man + Tournaments represents to me the best game of all time. Some find it stressful, between repetitive music and monsters that are always where you do not expect. But this game has really rocked my childhood, and finding it on Android makes me more nostalgic than ever! Of all the versions of the Play Store, it beats all the scores in its pretty folk blurb and earned beautiful stitches to the editor.

Battleship android


The naval battle Sea Battle, you will have perhaps more than being played between them on your computer, but it remains a great popular classic! I like it already by its appearance that is very reminiscent of school benches, but also for all the possibilities it offers: you can play alone or in pairs, and even on two devices with Bluetooth!

Do you know other Android games that come from the classics? Feel free to share them in the comments.

Albert Palacci is technology geek who enjoys playing classics on his smart phone. You can also find more about him on his and accounts.

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