Top Android Games To Kill Time

There are thousands of games available for Android Smartphones. Here I am going to talk about some simple games that don’t need a lot of time to play. You could play these while waiting: in line or for someone.

Best Android Games to kill the time with

Angry Birds

Fling your powerful birds using your catapults onto the fortresses of greedy pigs and take revenge on them for stealing the birds’ eggs. There are different versions of this game like Seasons, Space Rio and so on. You can play this game for a quick 5 minutes wafting for your bus or for hours on a lazy Sunday! One of the most popular games to hit the market in recent times is brought to you by Rovio Entertainment.

Simple Games for Android playing Angry Birds

Paper Toss

Remember how in times of extreme boredom you play basketball with crunched up paper and the trash can? If you really want to make a thing out of it, you are likely to add in a table fan to make your paper ball do a mid air sway before landing. Now you can play a digital version of this game, thanks to Backflip Studios. Not surprisingly, it’s called Paper Toss.

Android Gaming with Paper Toss Back flip

Burn the Rope

Burn the rope is not as easy as it sounds; the fire only burns upwards. So you have to burn as much as you can but you have to keep tilting and turning your phone to keep the fire burning!

Android Games with Burn the Rope

Ninja Fishing

Toss in a line and try to go as deep as you can without catching any fish so that you can hook the treasure chest. On the way up, try to catch as many fish as possible and then slice them up when they are thrown into the air. Boom! Oops, did you just slice a dynamite stick? Keep an eye out for that, they will toss one up every now and then. This game comes from Gamenauts. The guy on screen doing the fishing is supposed to be a Ninja, and he keeps spouting advice.

Android Games Review Ninja Fishing

Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja is a little similar in the sense you get to chop up fruit instead of fish by swiping your finger across the screen.

Android Games Fruit Ninja


This game is a highly addictive puzzle game. You need to get the red block off the board by sliding the other blocks out of the way. There are 4 difficulty options to choose from. There are thousands of puzzles, enough to keep you occupied for a good number of hours.

Android Unblock Me Game


This fact paced racing game has awesome HD graphics. Mr.i is running to an undisclosed destination, as fast as he can. You need to maintain a steady pace or you will bump into all the obstacles along the way. As you run, you also need to collect lots of batteries and gifts.

Android Version for iRunner App

Gravity Guy

This guy has to go on running and you need to guide him through mazes, tossing gravity when required. This game has 30 levels in 3 different worlds, and can really get you hooked.

Android Gaming with Gravity Guy

Air Penguin

This one is for the green conscious! Tilt your phone and help the penguin on his journey through the South Pole to get his family to safety, because the polar ice caps have begun to melt.

Android Gaming App Air Penguin Fun

Temple Run

This is as simple as it is addictive. Running and collecting coins, jumping over hurdles, sliding through caves and turning at corners is what you need to do, and fast. If you slow down, evil monkeys will get you. Run for your life!

Most played Android Game Temple Run makes a lot of fun

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  1. Roland

    Dec 05. 2012

    very good games

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  2. Paul

    Dec 05. 2012

    Angry Bird is my favorite one

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  3. Velfo

    Dec 05. 2012

    Cute android games to play in between

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