Waking Mars Game Review

From the start you will find Waking Mars different from other mobile games. This is a game that will keep you occupied for hours. Waking Mars takes you straight away into alien territory.  In fact, you will spend the entire time exploring this world. The plot centers on Dr. Liang, an astronaut, artificial intelligence ART and Dr. Liang’s support officer, Armani.  Enjoy playing Dr. Liang and walk around learning about the alien planet life on Mars and the planet’s geography too. You will guide your character by placing your finger in the direction you want it to go.Android Game Review for Waking Mars

Dr. Liang has only one mission in Waking Mars. It’s not to destroy or kill anyone or anything. It is to learn. In fact, the game will not give you any tutorials but you will learn as you walk around discovering new things. As soon as you start the game, you will discover that there is plant life on Mars. You will find that you are in new territory and a new atmosphere altogether. The atmosphere on Waking Mars is what sets it apart from other games in this genre. As you go further into the game and chance up on the caverns in Mars, you will come across strange formations and beautiful vistas. Tiger Style Games has gone through much pain to provide you with a world that is magnificently real – more than you can imagine.

Game Review Waking Mars for Android

As you enter subterranean Mars, you will find varied life forms. The story behind Waking Mars is rooted in actual science and the plant life and forms you come across are so genuine that you forget you are in a game. It is a fantastic piece of science fiction. As mentioned earlier, there is no fighting or killing involved in Waking Mars. You progress through the game by planting Martian flora. Zoa, as they are called in the game, build up biomass. Once the biomass is built up, doors will open for you but you will not be able to go past them. This is because the doors are sealed by bulky membranes. You can only go past them when there is some biomass in the cave inside.

Android Game Waking Mars Gameplay

So you are then taken into different kinds of rooms. In order to move ahead you will have to plant more species of seeds. Another trick that the developers have put in at this stage is that the seeds have different properties. Some may harm you, some may cure you. If you succeed in getting the right amount of biomass, you are taken to the next level and closer to unraveling the mystery of the game.

Android Edition of Waking Mars Game Review

It may sound boring at times but the catch is in effectively building up and balancing the plant life in the room. It is a complex game to play and one that even seasoned players will find challenging. Where it gets really interesting is when you have to deal with the different plant species. Strategy is the key to mastering this level.

To sum it up, Waking Mars is a complex, well crafted and smart game that you will not be able to put down. Give it a shot and you will realize why!

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  1. Fexy

    Dec 08. 2012

    Was waiting for that game to be released for my android tablet. yeehey

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  2. Keeth Cot

    Dec 09. 2012

    Thats a real good new game for all Mars fans and alien players 🙂

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