HTC : August 19, New York.

August 19 is the day for HTC.

HTC has some new thing to show us on this day, i.e. August 19. HTC has planned a press event for this day in New York, so there must be something new for us on this day. But HTC hasn’t revealed anything yet about this press event.

The company’s official plans are still a mystery as HTC haven’t revealed anything about this press event or the gathering over any social networking site or channel.


HTC brilliant
HTC brilliant


For the day of press event, i.e. August 19, many rumors are being coming out. Most recently, rumors have been spreading out that HTC is re-entering the windows phone market by launching ONE M8, which supports Microsoft’s OS.


HTC – one – m8


The phone may be the exact copy of M8, and will be known as W8, which includes metal chassis, loud boom – boom sound speakers, duo camera setup, etc. or else it may be a attraction seeking strategy, which Windows phone 8.1 may require during its launch event.





Also, the above description may be a rumor, and W8 may not have a metal chassis, as in Japan, HTC has already pre-announced a variation of ONE M8, i.e. J BUTTERFLY, which consists of a plastic body. This will also be revealed on August 19, at an event in Tokyo. This makes us to think that what will HTC W8 have in common with than HTC One M8.


Since all these rumors are been spreading out, still we don’t know what will happen in the HTC : August 19, New York event. The event may disclose about Windows phone hardware, or may give us details about A.U.S. version of the new J Butterfly, or we may also heard about HTC’s tablets too. An android wear smart watch may also comes out. we don’t know anything about this press event, and we can only assume about this day till any information gets leaked.


But remember that all the above said are still rumors, we may get a new product about which we have heard nothing. So we all are looking forward for the press event which will be on August 19, organized by HTC.

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