Sony on the move: New Xperia Z Ultra

In the world of electronics, Sony is one of the big fish – very big fish. Their prowess is not only limited to laptops or plasma TVs, they have made a significant mark in cell phones as well. With the smartphone and tablet market growing by the second, you cannot expect Sony to sit back and not play.

 next generation smartphone from Sony Xperia Z Ultra phone

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Sony clearly have big plans as they look to make 2014 a very solid year for their mobile communications arm, there’s news of a Windows phone on the horizon and we should see a number of other flagship devices hitting the shelves towards the end of the year.

Is it a smartphone or a tablet?

When Sony Xperia Z Ultra was released more than a year ago, fans got a debate going on as to what exactly is Xperia Z Ultra. Is it a smartphone or is it a tablet? It seemed that there was no conclusion to the debate, as the both the opinions had loyal customers.

Sony however have ended the debate quite swiftly. Few days ago, Sony introduced the latest version of Xperia Z Ultra. After that not many can doubt that it is indeed a tablet. Moreover Sony announced that they would launch a Wi-Fi only version of Xperia Z Ultra. So by eliminating the cellular connection features, Sony has affirmed the gigantic ‘smartphone’ as a tablet.

The Wi-Fi only Xperia Z Ultra

Feature wise the Wi-Fi only version is similar to that of the old one. It has the same 6.44 inches display with 1080p. 2.2 GHz processor with quadcore Snapdragon 800. Also, just like its smartphone version, it will have the same 32 GB of built-in storage capacity. It has both front and back camera with 8.1 megapixels on the rear and 2.2 megapixels front camera.

These are some impressive specs, right!

What was an awkwardly sized phone is now a sleek tablet

Xperia Z Ultra has often been grilled for its size. Many users claim that it is a little oversized for them to carry around conveniently. Now the same users can have the newer tablet version along with their smaller sized cell phones.

Sony's Android smartphone Xperia Z Ultra with many new technology features and latest Android OS

Today’s tech desires are based on smaller sleeker items. The Wi-Fi version of Xperia Z Ultra is surely a tablet worth having.

Release and future

The Xperia Z has recently been released in Japan on January 24th. Sadly, it is restricted to Japan only at the moment. They have not released dates for other regions but it is only a matter of time before Xperia Z Ultra starts raining in the global market.

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