The Nexus 6 Is The Perfect Hybrid Of A Smartphone And A Tablet, Protect It With A Customized Skin

If you’re in the market for a brand new smartphone, there are options to explore other than an iPhone. While it may seem like the market is oversaturated with Apple products, there are new models that act as a hybrid between a smartphone and a tablet. The “phablet” is an emerging communication device that blends the screen size and resolution of a tablet with the portable technology of a phone. If you spend the majority of your time consuming media, drafting emails and even writing and researching on your communication device, maybe it’s time to save your eyes and work with a larger screen. A newer Android model like the Nexus 6 offers all the same capabilities, but with new advantages that an iPhone just can’t provide. Running on the new Android operating system “Lollipop,” it’s the Google flagship phone with an impressive six-hour battery life.

nexus 6 hybrid smartphone tablet - phablet

The real reason to be sold on this phone is its 5.9-inch display screen, which makes watching movies and displaying photographs a joy. Even Apple has caught on to the fact that a bigger screen is often better, adapting the Android model for their new iPhone 6. However, the Nexus 6 is the largest smartphone on the market, making it the perfect tool for both business people and students. With a pristine display covered in Gorilla Glass 3, this model is scratch-resistant though you’ll still want to invest in proper screen protection.

If you have a brand new Nexus, the screen is your phone’s most important asset. However, it is still vulnerable to the exterior wear and tear of daily life. Fingerprints and oils, condensation, cold temperatures and accidental spills can all destroy its machinery, leaving it slow to function. For anyone who has ever left a phone outside overnight in the rain, or had it drop onto the sidewalk, these tragic accidents make you realize just how delicate a smartphone really is. If you are investing in a brand new device, especially one that has the screen size and resolution of the new Nexus 6, it’s in your best interest to protect it.

But heavy black cases are not only clunky, but rarely offer any protection. They can be heavy and ill-fitting, allowing dust and grime to seep in through the cracks. It’s better to go with a brand new smartphone skin made from high quality 3M vinyl. These adhesive covers can simply be slipped onto your phone where they can act as a protective cover. If dust or grime accumulates on the case, simply remove it and wipe it clean with a wet washcloth. It can be easily replaced back onto the phone and removed again, leaving no trace of adhesive behind. If you’re looking for a high quality smartphone skin, the Nexus 6 skins from dbrand are well made and come with a unique range of colours and styles. These products are some of the best on the market, and make the perfect compliment to your brand new Nexus 6, turning it into a flashy style statement. If you’re going to enter the world of “phablets,” show off your new accessory with a colourful protective case.

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The Nexus 6 Is The Perfect Hybrid Of A Smartphone And A Tablet, Protect It With A Customized Skin, 9.8 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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