Nokia Back in The Smartphone Market, With Android?

During the conference call that Nokia held last Thursday, which the Finnish company announced its financial results for the quarter, it made an interesting statement explaining that its name was the largest asset available to it on the market smartphones. Name it can unfortunately no longer be used in this market because of its agreement with Microsoft.

Nokia Lumia X Lollipop Android

A concept of “Nokia Lumia X” Lollipop Android

An ambiguous statement, but certainly that may foreshadow a future return of the firm in the smartphone market.

The Nokia brand is our most valuable asset recognition in the field of mobile phones and mobile devices, but we cannot yet use it now.

With the recent arrival of HERE Maps on all Android phones or the famous Z Launcher, the interest of Nokia for the Google OS is proven. If to this we add the recent statements of the firm, then we can easily imagine that future smartphones of the company could run on Android.

Nokia and Android would turn everyone, we hope to see this, since the release of the first Lumia Windows Phone in 2011. A move, which the company expects to recover its name levitra generic that is considered as an indispensable asset in this market.

“And finally on brand, we have not really spoken about anything else that we have looked at different business models, what other people have been using on brand and we will of course carefully assess what would be the best way for us to maximize the value of the Nokia brand, also taking into account that we’re in the lock-up period still in the Microsoft transaction regarding our possibility to use the brand and we have recognized that Nokia brand is the most valuable from recognition perspective in the area of mobile phones and mobile devices. And there we cannot go yet at the moment.” – Nokia

There is finally a video concept, which is rather successful, a “Nokia Lumia X” Lollipop Android, which it must be confessed, is rather envious.

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