Great Features Make Samsung Galaxy E7 A Better Smart Phone To Invest Your Money

If you are in love with a great display and true colors, then a smart phone that focuses on it will be a great one to invest. The Super AMOLED screen is something mostly found in very high-end phone because of the quality of representation. It offers 100 percent contrast and 20 percent better reproduction in terms of color. The high definition screen makes watching a movie or reading a book a great experience. You get to make a great experience that is incomparable. It is affordably priced that makes the experience worth the effort.

Samsung Galaxy E7 black and white

Lightweight and great to hold

The extra slim frame of the phone along with the unibody design makes it look classy when you hold it.

  • The perfectly designed phones are available in brown and grey and are extremely lightweight. The 5.5 inch screen with 720×1280 px display does not hurt the eye as you follow the games rapidly or change apps constantly.
  • Reading and browsing becomes much easier with on a big screen. The high resolution makes the text and images appear sharper.
  • It gives the eye the necessary relief as you work on it continuously for long hours.

Camera and music player

  • The 13 megapixel autofocus camera has a very high resolution and helps to click sharper pictures.
  • The LED flash lets you take pictures even in low light. The 5 megapixel front camera allows you to take great selfies as well as video calling.
  • Capturing multiple images from different angles is easy, and you can capture them with voice commands or even palm gestures. It has ample storage space with 16 GB internal and 64GB external space that you can do with the help of a micro SD card.
  • The music player of the Samsung Galaxy E7 supports WMV, MP3, MP4 that can help you listen to your favorite tunes.

The technical specifications

The phone uses 2 GB RAM, which makes the phone extremely fast and lets you switch between a numbers of apps simultaneously. The quad-core processor helps in better parallelism that means that you can do a number of different tasks at the same time with slowing the interface of the phone. The operating system is Android KitKat, and it supports an HTML browser. It has inbuilt GPS tracker that you can use for determining the location whenever you are travelling and prevents you from getting lost. The battery of the Samsung Galaxy E7 is a long lasting one as you have just to recharge it once a day.

Other additional features

The touch screen of the phone responses to touch immediately and moves at a great speed as you flip through the apps. The dual SIM facility allows you to carry only one phone that helps particularly when you are travelling. This smart phone is truly amazing because of the number of features that it offers to the consumers. The high-tech camera and specifications make the model easy to use and offer long-lasting service. The display and the multimedia features being offered like push mail make it easier to access the device and the contact or information when you are on the go.

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Great Features Make Samsung Galaxy E7 A Better Smart Phone To Invest Your Money, 9.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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