Style And Technology Wins The Samsung Galaxy S5 Vs S6 Competition

Both the s5 and s6 are great models but with innovation newer models are bound to keep coming in. The Galaxy 6 has broke and incorporated a lot of new features which are unique and have made the models in great demand. From the perspective of the design, the s6 is much better looking and slightly taller than the older model. It is narrower, lighter and much thinner that makes it much easier to handle and hang on to in everyday life. The plastic body has given way to the combination of metal and glass.
Samsung Galaxy S5 vs S6

Better working capacity

The hardware and the software part has improved very much with the upgrade.

  • The S6 uses a Exynos 7420 which has better performance than the Snapdragon 801. The RAM is also more than the previous one.
  • The shift may have been a little dangerous considering that all smartphones may get into compliance with Qualcomm chips but the company should be able to handle any problem. The hardware change comes in with the change to TouchWiz.
  • It improves the speed and performance of the touch when samsung galaxy s5 vs S6 is considered. The removal of the micro SD slot is also aimed towards improving speed and performance. It has made the phone look more sleek improved storage space.

The metal and glass casing

The metal rear casing and the Gorilla Glass 4 covering has made the model much harder than what it used to be.

  • The unibody has however made it impossible to remove the batteries and expand the storage beyond a certain point. The S5’s water resistant cover was a good thing which has to be left out.
  • The focus of S5 is more on practicality rather than style in the race. The screen size for both remains the same but the number of pixels has improved considerably which means better and higher resolution pictures. But better pictures mean more pressure on the battery.

Compare the cameras

The fingerprint sensor of the galaxy S6 is much improved and works with just a touch. The camera is much improved with the use of the better quality camera. The back camera for both is a 16megapixel on but the front one has changed. The s6 uses a 5 megapixel front camera which is just great for the selfies and group selfies. The resolution is much better and can be captured from all angles, so it is just perfect and definitely better than the S5. The digital image stabilization techniques minimizes shake and lets you take better pictures. This is a camera comparison of samsung galaxy s5 vs S6.

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Better battery life

The s6 has used an intelligent camera which reduces the sharpening of the images. Too sharp images can make them look good on the screen but with the full size they may appear jagged and unimpressive. The battery life however may be one point where the S5 scores. The battery capacity of the S6 is smaller than the previous one. But it can get the charge very quickly which is quite something. Within 10 minutes you can get a battery backup of four hours. The wireless charging technology is a great addition.

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    Jan 28. 2016

    Yes the Samsung Galaxy does have excellent options and advantages over other brand of phones.But i still like the smartphone.

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