The Samsung Galaxy S4 Is It Still Relevant?

Having the last model of a phone is not the priority of all, and you can find devices on very good prices on older models. In 2014, the Samsung Galaxy S4 was one of those bargains. But is it still a viable alternative in 2015?

On the eve of the arrival of the Galaxy S6, many users were happy to see the price of its big brother, the Galaxy S5. It is true that the opportunity will be interesting, telephone characteristics are still considered a very good deal for the price.

But why not enjoy a very good deal considering the Samsung Galaxy S4 as a 2015 smartphone? Its characteristics are they interesting enough?

During our test, we were won over by the performance offered by what was then the flagship of the Samsung. Its high-end components allow him indeed to position a serious competitor to the unofficial title of Best smartphone of the year. But in two years the technology has quickly evolved with the market. A quick tour of what to expect.Samsung Galaxy S4


The high-end design from Samsung rarely varies, their general structure remained about the same over the years. Your smartphone will not pass for an antique if it ever had one of your concerns. One of the benefits, if any, to find a similar design still in Korean.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Performances

If you are looking for raw performance in a phone, go your way. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is obviously more news on that point. The applications are more demanding, and a processor like Snapdragon 600 which is embarked on the Galaxy S4 (European version) may suffer on certain tasks.

However, if for you the use of a smartphone is limited to some SMS, calls, emails and Facebook, the Galaxy S4 should amply suffice you. On the contrary, it is sometimes better to focus a little less power for longer battery life.


The image sensor is a very important criterion for many, the phone now acting as a unit. The Galaxy S4 features a 13 megapixel sensor with an aperture of 2.2 which is decent for amateur use. To use a bit further, looking even more artistic, it will turn to newer devices.

Note also a 2-megapixel sensor on the front of the phone, a little low for fans of selfies.

What about Lollipop?

The question is angry, what about tracking updates? The Galaxy S4 was released in spring 2013, there almost two years, one might think that Samsung will not provide porting to Lollipop. The best surprise though, since the Korean manufacturer is already working on it! The Galaxy S4 should benefit from what is currently best in software, even if we do not know when this update will be deployed. It should, however, expect it to be the last major update done by the manufacturer.


The Samsung Galaxy S4 is still a phone with acceptable performance and it should be more than adequate for everyday use. However, if you regularly play the latest games released on the Play Store, it is better to turn to a phone from 2015, or no later than the end of 2014. Its camera confine most users who post their burgers, but on Instagram will be a significant delay in what is currently best.

Finally, the software part is provided by Samsung with the arrival of Lollipop confirmed on the terminal!

Now offered at a little over 300 euros, you can expect a price drop with the imminent arrival of the Galaxy S6. Something to put on a good smartphone reduced price!

Albert Palacci is technology geek who enjoys playing classics on his smart phone. You can also find more about him on his and accounts.

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