The Journey of Android in Smartphone Evolution

In November, 2007, Google launched its own mobile operating system based on Linus KernelAndroid. The journey of Android started with Android v1.0 and then Android maintained its continuity with back to back updates and named them alphabetically.

Though Android v1.0 was officially revealed on 23rd September, 2008, but initially by the end of 2007 Google rolled out the two different experimental version of Android – Alpha and Beta, with the codename of Astro Boy and Bender. After the launch of Android Beta on November 7 of the same year, the major development of Android took place. Several SDKs were released after Beta in between November 2007 to March 2008. But from August, 2008 onwards, Android came up with notable changes and revealed a concrete version of Android. That is, when Android v1.0 came across and the observable journey of Android, mobile development tips

This was the initial story of Android. After v1.0, Android started releasing random updates with notable improvements and after a long seven years of time Google launched its biggest Android update till date – Android ‘L’ or, popularly known as Android Lollipop with v5.0 on June 25th , 2014 during Google I/O. This version was launched the same way, this year this search giant launched its upcoming development – Android M.

By the time, Android has arrived with several versions with different names, such as –

Cupcake (from v1.5),

Donut (from v1.6),

Éclair (from v2.0),

Froyo (from v2.2),

Gingerbread (from v2.3),

Honeycomb (from v3.0),

Ice Cream Sandwich (from v4.0),

Jelly Bean (from v4.1),

KitKat (from v4.4),

Lollipop (from v5.0) and

Android M (the version and the name is not disclosed, yet).

Android 1.0: Features

Android 1.0 is the first official version of this efficient mobile operating system, which came up with some completely new features. This initial version arrived with a virtual digital marketing store. Google named it Android Market, which is now known as – Google Play Store. Google enhanced the web browser with the ability to zoom out and zoom in and it also could open separate cards or tabs. It also introduced the soul mailing tool – Gmail on handheld devices through an Application. Google Contacts and Google Calendar also arrived. Here it also added Google Maps and launched Street view for instant road direction through satellite support. With all these developments, Google launched Google Search for instant search with an intent to make search easier over device that users can easily find out apps and contacts along with on web contents. Google Talk came across with the ability to message instantly through text and voice. Mobiles started getting YouTube in form of application and also got introduced with Wi-Fi. This, when the mobile transformed in to smartphones.

Compatible Device: HTC Dream, the first device to feature Android.

After 1.0 many developments came across. The android smartphone users got introduced with gestures, optimized performance, security patches, power storage, animated booth screen with wallpaper, voice and text search development, animated icons, smart access to icons, quick notification on screen etc.

These developments have come across with time and updates, while Android has grown with Cupcake, Donut, Éclair, Froyo and so on, till the Android L has introduced.

Change Log: Android 5.0 – Android 5.0.2 (Android Lollipop)

  • Modified Material Design
  • Shortcuts from Lock Screen
  • Guest Login enabled
  • Security enhancement
  • Flash light app support enabled
  • Smart Lock support activated
  • Single tap functioning introduced
  • More fun with more emoji
  • Password security fixed and many more

Change Log: Android 5.1 to 5.1.1 (Android Lollipop)

  • Wi-Fi selection ability enabled
  • Multiple SIM support
  • Voice Call clarity enhanced
  • Easy Voice Control
  • Bug fixes.

Now, as Android M is already announced and Google has already showcased some of its features. Therefore –

Change Log

  • Fingerprint support through Native app
  • Introducing Android Pay
  • App permission
  • Improved battery optimization
  • More efficient search with Now on Tap

Throughout the period of its development, Android has not only evolved from within, but also has served over various gadgets. The expansion of this popular operating system is equally distributed over several android devices, such as – smartphones, tablets, Android Wearables and Android TVs. It is also preparing to arrive on wheels with passing time.

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