AOKP Android Custom Rom

Continuing our custom rom series for Android devices, the name Cyanogen is known by Android users worldwide. We also saw customization projects from Paranoid Android, Carbon Droid and SlimBean. Now, AOKP is another great Android modification ROM that brings a lot more features onto an Android device than this is the case with the original Android firmware given by mobile phone manufacturers.

AOKP Customize

With AOKP, the Android operating system can be customized easily. Users will enjoy a new kind of freedom to use their Android phone edgeless with more flexibility. It provides a lot more features than original firmware and let the user extend further apk apps for Android.

android custom aokp rom setup

AOKP Customize

The many additional features that AOKP brings to an Android phone by installing the firmware onto the device will be part of this section. Find the following features integrated with this custom MOD for Android.

User friendly Interface

With a clean look and well sorted menu items, this modification firmware provides a management view on your phone and personal data. Never miss a schedule with this Droid Calendar app and scheduling manager.

review android custom roms AOKP details

Great Theme Support

This distribution provides further skinning and custom layout tools to tweak the look and feel of your Android device. Backgrounds, colors and styles can be changed and adjusted from its default style to create and load new layout themes for your Android smartphone and tablet device.

apply different themes for your Android phone and tablet device

Android Audio Equalizer

Onboard is an Audio Equalizer for Android, which most of the modifications do not have. This Android custom MOD comes with an integrated Audio Equalizer to adjust the music and audio level to match the Android device and speaker system.

Android custom rom firmware audio equalitzer with AOKP

Further Customizations

The option menu like quick settings can be customized by the user to implement personal design preferences easily.

firmware custom quick settings setup


Please refer to our installation guide and tutorial steps on how to install any custom firmware to your Android device. Basically the following steps will work for every rom installation:

  1. Backup your existing device and data to external sources
  2. Install and use ROM manager application to locate your backup on external SD memory card
  3. Select the ROM you want to install and follow the given setup steps
  4. Your phone should finally restart and boot into the new firmware system
  5. Let us know if you have any issues by leaving a comment here

Many more customization projects are waiting for review in our Droid Galaxy, so stay tuned and comment on this review article for AOKP custom ROM for Android.

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