iPad Versus Android Tablet

When you’re trying to sift through the world of mobile computing devices, there are so many choices out there that it’s easy to get overwhelmed. There are not only laptops, notebooks, and smart phones, there are those awesome devices that are bigger than a mobile phone but smaller than a computer. That’s right, we’re talking about tablets!

And when it comes to choosing a tablet, you can get either an iPad or an Android-based tablet. So, which should you get? Read on for the lowdown!

iPad vs. Android Tablet
Your tablet preference should reflect your needs

The Android Tablet

First of all, let’s clarify something. There’s no such thing as an Android tablet brand name. Rather, there are a ton of manufacturers out there that produce Android-based tablets. This is opposed to the iPad, which is in fact one device, although there is also an iPad 2 version available. This turns out to be a minor advantage for Androids, because it provides the shopper with a good selection of devices to choose from.

But if you want a major Android advantage right off the bat, then look no further than price. A decent Android tablet can cost you around $200 less than an iPad yet still give you comparable processing power. Not too shabby, especially if you’re budget-minded.

And just like Windows-based PCs, Android-based tablets are easier to customize than their Apple counterparts. If you want a device that you can trick out and make it your very own unique tool customized to your exact needs, go Android.

Android tablets also tend to have better resolution, 1,280 x 800 pixels for Android tablets, versus the iPad’s 1,024 x768 pixels. Furthermore, most Android tablets support USB ports.

The iPad

Since the iPad came on the scene almost a year before the first Android-based device rolled out, the former got a bit of a head start in the production of apps. As a result, when it comes to a huge selection, it’s advantage: iPad. Apple checks each app before it’s released into the app store, so the integrity of any given iOS app is a given. And speaking of lots of things to run, the iPad has an impressive selection of games.

The iPad is also less technologically intimidating than the Android devices. It’s a simple, easy to use device that nevertheless allows users to flex their creative muscles and create their own works of art in the fields of writing, music, or video.

Finally, if you have another Apple device such as Apple TV or an iPhone, you’ll enjoy the compatibility between the devices, although, as was mentioned in the Android section, there’s no USB support.

So Which Is Better?

Both platforms have similar features, such as touch-screens, built-in cameras, portability, Internet connectivity, and respectable processing power. The breakdown occurs when you nail down why you want the device in the first place. The question is, “What are your needs?”.

If you want a device that’s extremely easy to use, a WYSIWYG tablet that also unlocks your creative potential while making over 800,000 apps available to you, then go with the iPad. If you want something that’s geared more towards entertainment and web-surfing with the additional possibility of customization, then go Android. That’s not to say that an Android tablet can’t help you in your career, as the article “Top Android Apps For Freelancers” shows that there are plenty of tools out there.

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