iphone ios8 features

Unveiling some niftiest features – you can expect from iOS 8

Whether Apple offers a small update or a complete makeover, it always attracts the attention of consumers and competitors, and often gets highlighted before the release of its updates. The recent WWDC 2014 has revealed the amazing features and benefits of upcoming ... Continue Reading →
Android I/O convention

Much Android little fantasy at the annual convention of Google

Android for all media: tablet, mobile, computer and television. That’s the top of Google in its annual conference. The empire began as a search engine that wanted to put some order on the Internet . Every time you move more than its friendly image, there ... Continue Reading →
optimize your android smartphone and make it faster than ever for The Droid Galaxy

Five Ways to Speed up your Android Phone in under 5 Minutes

Android phone users are usually very frustrated with the performance of their phone when it comes to its speed, especially when they are switching from one app to another or when they are typing letters on the keypad. But, no worries! This issue can be resolved ... Continue Reading →
how to improve internet connection speed on mobile

Slow Internet? 7 Easy Ways to Boost Wi-Fi Speeds at Home

There’s nothing worse than having to put up with slow internet, especially when you know it could be running a heck of a lot faster. Maximise the speeds you receive from your home Wi-Fi with these seven easy ways to boost your signal. Click here to read about ... Continue Reading →
Motorola Moto X gets Root

Guide: How to Root Moto X with One Click Root App

Motorola released their first device this year after its acquisition by Google. The new mobile phone is designed and assembled in USA and it is exclusively available for people of United States only. Phone is being under contracts only so users can buy it after ... Continue Reading →
Android Design Show

Android Design Show

Find these latest pictures from the Android Design Show … Continue Reading →
Windows 8 downgrade and how to remove Windows 8 uninstall

How to Uninstall Windows 8

Many people who were overwhelmed at the thought of installing a new OS with new features and installed Windows 8 are now searching for ways to uninstall it. It is especially common among people who don’t use touch-enabled devices. Windows 8 is designed for use ... Continue Reading →