Much Android little fantasy at the annual convention of Google

Android for all media: tablet, mobile, computer and television. That’s the top of Google in its annual conference. The empire began as a search engine that wanted to put some order on the Internet . Every time you move more than its friendly image, there were no jokes or winking at the annual conference, but the outlines were marked. Outside, several citizens were demonstrating against Google and two activists first slipped into the room.Android I/O convention

Fields in which Google will put all their attention in 2015

Android L: renewed version of the operating system for phones and tablets. The interface is much cleaner. After Apple iOS take out 8 were required to renew its appearance. It looks clean but not a good idea to have users have to learn more and more gestures to control the phone.

Android One: The gateway to the developing countries. Motorola is larger than the few that have understood that niche is strategic. Chinese manufacturers like Huawei, Zopo, ZTE and above all, Xiaomi, are being made to the niche. Google promised to offer a version of Android with frequent updates and high performance on mobile $ 100. In Africa, Asia and many parts of Latin America mobile is the gateway to the Internet for the first time, want it to be from 0 minute with Android.

Google Fit: The answer to Apple Health. They have settled very well how to attach the sensors results there so far, most movement, temperature and pulse, with your system. All this without killing the current applications, like Endomondo or Runtastic, but also those that have committed to develop Adidas and Nike, or bracelets Fitbit and Jawbone. The user does not have to take several steps to attach the information in these applications, but are shared with Fit.

Chromecast: According to his calculations television is an average of five hours a day in U.S. households. They claim that the remaining 19 remains connected to Chromecast, a small key that goes to the HDMI port. It costs 35 euros (or the same dollar amount, no exchange currency). So far only served to see YouTube. You can search series just say his name, something that makes its highest competitor, the Amazon Fire TV, but almost three times the price.

Chromebook: Computers with browser, and nothing else, are key to enter secondary education. Easily controlled by the teachers, do not break, do not enter virus, no programs to install … The price is around 300 euros. One way to impose Chrome, the browser, compared to Safari, Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Android Wear: At the moment, it is only in watches but have revealed the entire protocol for different clothes with sensors connect to the phone. A success that the three initial models, Samsung, LG and Motorola are submersible and battery endurance days. Also capable of receiving voice commands. It is a first step but are passive. Your success or failure is up to the imagination and skill of developers.

Some aspects far below expectations

The founders Larry Page and Sergey Ni Brin passed the Moscone Center. If the spotlight away. First, it is assumed that the health problems that have turned off the voice. The second, more and more into experiments of personal interest. Google Glass, his stubbornness, is an example. The official version is that they want less prominence. For many are the lifeblood of Google.

Glass, intermittent project: Two years ago was the big surprise. Parachuted and issued in the first person how they got the full conference at Moscone Center. Suddenly there then only for developers. One day change model, then offer exorbitant price.

Google+: In the 2013 conference, Vic Gundotra, either the company spent more than half an hour. Officially, continues to grow. The reality is that it does because of the conviction that helps position the contents in your browser and its use is almost mandatory for the rest of the services of the firm work correctly.

The home side: Buying Nest was closed by 3.200 million. It was explained that because the cost of hardware is the case and have a broad customer base. The promise of further integration of Android in the home, beyond entertainment on TV, it has been broken in this year’s conference. It is limited to the control of the thermostat through the phone. Just that.

Neither balloons Internet, or robots (was bought seven companies involved in this field). Nor satellites to take pictures and video appeared. The most futuristic projects were not mentioned. The argument is clear, are not open to outside developers programs, but this, in turn, gives grounds for suspicion and distrust Google.

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